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  1. Sygh2k

    Braided clutch line

    Hi all, looking for advice/reviews on the clutch slave cylinder and line, contemplating changing my oem for the aks braided setup, Has anybody...
  2. Sygh2k

    brake disc venting-curiosity

    just out of curiosity really something i noticed over the weekend replacing front brake discs. maybe somebody has some info, or maybe not, just curious. whilst changing front discs i noticed the vents on the old can be seen in the middle from the wheel side whereas on the new the vents in the...
  3. Sygh2k

    Vmaxx xxtreme

    Hi all, just looking for some more up to date reviews on vmaxx xxtreme coilovers if any one is running them that is(these are the adjustable height and dampening ones). I currently have joms on my avant and with 40k of hard miles on them, there becoming a bit crashy and looking to change with a...
  4. Sygh2k

    034 front anti roll links-boot cover info

    just sum info really some of you may be interested. fitted sum 034 front links which dont seem to have rubber boots, anyway found these which seem to work well...
  5. Sygh2k

    K03 wastegate bush uk supplier

    Not sure if im posting quite in the right place but, im after this But ideally from some where more uk/euro based as the...
  6. Sygh2k

    P0016 code 2.0 tfsi bgb

    Hi all, I developed a p0016 code a week or so ago and have still not got to the bottom of it, so far I have changed both the cam and crank sensors with bosch ones, I have also checked the Cambelt timing marks, these look to be good. I also just changed the chain tensioner & chain, set the cams...
  7. Sygh2k

    Tfsi belt for no air con

    Just info really, belt size for 2.0 tfsi, bgb, if you don'the want to run the air con pump or if like me you need to replace the pump but can'take afford to yet. 6 rib approx 1148mm long
  8. Sygh2k

    Tfsi Revo 2+ requested boost

    Hi all I've recently replaced my turbo bearings and installed a forge actuator at the same time as mine was shot. Hoping someone can help, what peak boost should I be getting? Is 25 high, I think I may have my actuator a little too preloaded, looking to see what others are getting please Thanks...
  9. Sygh2k

    msau297 downpipe ?

    Good afternoon all, firstly, this will be my first post on here. i have an a4 b7 avant, 2.0tfsi 2wd. i got it earlier this year and have been tweaking it ever since :D a bit of a change from my previous car being a corrado. sorry if this has been covered before but i couldn't seem to find an...