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  1. eggraces

    S4 Tyre Wear

    What experience do people have with tyre wear on the S4? I have one with sport diff, do the front tyres wear faster than the rears or vice versa? I was led to believe the S4 is rear biased (poss maybe only with sport diff) so would assume rears wear quicker. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. eggraces

    S5 Cavo wheels on A4/S4

    I have the 5 V-spoke RS wheels on my S4 and I'm not the biggest fan: I've been looking to swap them for the for the other stock 5 spokes that are now fitted standard to the S4: I've been looking for a while and they're as rare as hens' teeth and am starting to think about other options. Has...
  3. eggraces


    Hi all, If any of you are Android users, you may be interested in AAWireless. I just received my unit today and really impressed - easy wireless android auto. Just need a wireless charging pad now - anyone got any recommendations? Happy to answer any questions
  4. eggraces

    255/35 19 on S4

    Has anyone put 255/35s on a 19 inch rim on the a4 or S4? I know the A5/S5 came with this setup stock and the 2021 a4/S4 now comes with this but the 16-20 a4/S4 are all 245/35. I'd like the benefits of the 255/35 (grip, rim protection, comfort, lower price) but worried about clearance and...
  5. eggraces

    B9 A4 auto shifter cover perforated

    any of these available? I think they're standard in the b9.5 sline