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    A4 B8 Avant

    I've previously had an S3 and Focus ST and didn't feel the need to lower them. I recently bought a B8 Audi A4 Avant 1.8tfsi. Unfortunately its the none s line version but has got 19" wheels. The arch gap is so bad this thing needs lowering! Due to having never lowered a car before im concerned...
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    Help Identifying Paint Code

    Im trying to find my paint code and from all my searching online they all begin with an L and are 4 letters long. The vehicle data I have has G-38 listed as the paint code... cant find this online. The reason im looking is there are a couple bad chips beginning to corrode on the bonnet plus...
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    rattle above certain rpm.

    Ok just wondering if anyone can point me in right direction. recently had ARB and bushes done on front which cured knocking, have also had ball joint, cv joint and top mounts on my 2002 BAM S3. When pulling away if you plant your foot theres a bit of a rattle. it starts in 1st about 3k Rpm and...
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    Cam/rocker cover breather hose

    Ok so had my roll bars done today along with haldex service and car feels great. Got home and noticed got a slight oil leak and on closer inspection found it was bodged from previous owner: Anyway phoned VW with part numbers and got them on order but having come home and used the mighty...
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    Any DnB Heads on here?

    Ive seen a couple of people post in thread that they listen to DnB just wondering how many and if any of you still go to any events?
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    Can you tell if oil pump is working?

    Ok so i dropped the sump and cleaned the pickup etc a couple months back and my oil is still pretty clean, to the point where with the current lack of natural light it is hard to tell where it is on the dipstick. I have done about 1k miles since it was cleaned and am concerned. Is there any...
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    The S3 is coming along but a couple of Q's

    ok so ive had had the S3 a few months now and have begun getting on top of some of the issues it had, Ive been fortunate looking at some of the threads by new owners. Anyway I have had the following so far done, Sump and oil Pickup Full service (excluding haldex) Top Mounts Front CV Joint...
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    Bam Sump bolts

    Ok so I got the sump dropped and cleaned along with the pickup today but somehow managed to lose a bolt. I spent 45 minutes looking for it but no joy. anyway its one of the smaller headed bolts 10mm head. anyway ive been searching along for a part number or somewhere to get it from but cant find...
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    Recomended parts from Euro car Parts

    Ok so im going to take advantage of the current promotions from euro car parts however im unsure the best products to use so any insight on the following would be great: Bosch Oil Filter Triple QX 5W40 fully Synth oil Guttman Air Filter Hengst Fuel Filter Hengst Pollen Filter NGK Spark...
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    S3 Oil Leak

    So I had chance to get my S3 up on a lift to give it a closer once over(only bought it couple of weeks ago) It would appear I have a oil leak, not a major one but still something I would like to get resolved. The cars booked in to Midland VW in 2 weeks time for wheel adjustment and diagnostics...
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    recomended Midlands garages/body specialists/tuners

    Hi all, I joined the forum a week or so ago and finally found my way to the midlands section although Nilz told me to head here straight away, not sure if its best to post here or not as it is midlands specific but not about a meet :uhm: anyway I was wondering if you can recommend any places in...
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    Hello from the new owner of a 8L S3

    Hi all, I found this forum a couple of weeks ago looking for information on S3's and things to look out for. I found a car i wanted last week and went to view it on saturday and came away with it there and then. its a 2002 (52) and its a light blue/silver colour. The car has full service history...
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    Hello from a new S3 owner

    Have just purchased an older S3 and what a joy it is to drive so far, thought i would register here as the place seems full of information and experience