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  1. PaulAr

    S3 Remaps and Warranty

    Previous 2 times S3 8P owner and ASN regular but not posted here for ages. Anyhoo, quite fancy another S3 now that PCPs are more sensible since the car has been around for a bit, and wondered what the crack was with remapping the 8V and warranty implications? All of my VAGs for years have been...
  2. PaulAr

    Downpipe Lambda threads?

    Milltek came off last week and the fitter had a mare getting the DP lambda out, damaging the threads in the process. Any ideas what size tap I need to repair the threads? Cheers Paul
  3. PaulAr

    S3 Gone :(

    Gone Daily for next 4 weeks New one when it comes Will still be hanging around, even if its just to take the **** out of NHN:happy: PS - Got a Milltek TBE, SHARK STS and an AUDI iPod lead surplus to requirements. Will stick them in the classifieds.
  4. PaulAr

    S3 Milltek...RUBBISH!

    So this is the second resonated section to fail. Ok Milltek did replace the first one under `good will` warranty as I was not the first owner but I still had the hassle and cost of swapping it. And now I have to do it again 6 months later. This time its coming off and staying off, whicch is...
  5. PaulAr

    Selling S3- Autotrader or Pistonheads?

    Going to try selling the S3 before it goes in as a p/x. You guys reckon there is much benefit in putting it on the Autotrader as well as Pistonheads? I have bought/sold my last few cars, S3, Golf GTis etc through PH as it seems to be more orientated around performance stuff. Not sure whether...
  6. PaulAr

    S3s Uncle Oak takes the spotlight

    New toy on new shoes. Has a few tricks up its sleeve too:cool: Gives the S3 something to think about in the looks and grunt dept.... cheers
  7. PaulAr

    Stage1 S3- Sooty tips/rich smell

    Any one else get this? The car smells `rich`on start up in the morning. Tips are very sooty. When you push it hard once its warmed up you get a puff of **** out of the exhaust. The car has SHARK Stage 1 with the DSG patch and a Milltek resonated TBE and sports cat. Are there any SHARK agents...
  8. PaulAr

    S3 front splitter repair/replacement.

    Not a great start to the week. Any ides on the fix? Does this come self coloured and is it a descreet part that can be seperated (and ordered) on its own? Not hopeful that it can be fixed as it seems to have distorted around the damaged area. Thought maybe some heat might bring it back then a...
  9. PaulAr


    Bout time we named something significant after this guy. More worthy than a facial hair campaign IMO. A weekday seemed almost too trivial. A national holiday maybe a step too far just yet? Any other ideas? :o.k:
  10. PaulAr

    Milltek TBE Fitting - S3 SB MY12

    As title, how specialist a job is this.? Does it just need a ramp, spanners, and common sense? Is it a Kwit-Fit type of job, or should I look for some one that has done it before (not easy)? Cheers Paul
  11. PaulAr

    Quiet CAI

    Which one is the least noisy? But still gives the increase in flow sufficient for Stage 2. Cheers Paul
  12. PaulAr

    Inbox Emptied itself?

    Received a PM from a member today that I need to respond to. I opened it up on my Mobile then when I returned 30 mins later to respond my whoe Inbox was empty?? Where are my messages? Can they be restored? Help.
  13. PaulAr

    No S3....

    PistonHeads Headlines - PH poll: best hot hatch :ninja:
  14. PaulAr

    Anyone gone Stage1 to Stage 2 on S3 SB DSG?

    Much noticable difference? I am SHARK Stage 1 now. What are the headline figures? Still trying to decide how my dealer will react as this would only be an option if it was hassle free for dealer visits. Maybe keep an eye on the classifieds for Exhausts and CAI just incase..... cheers Paul
  15. PaulAr

    S3 DSG Launch control

    How do you do it? Thought I might give it a whirl at Inters.:racer: And what does it rev to? cheers Paul
  16. PaulAr

    NHN=>The Queen

  17. PaulAr

    S3 + Rain = Clean Ear

    Forgot how refreshing it was. Not sure if my leccy windows still work. My ear is clean though. Every cloud:icon_thumright:
  18. PaulAr

    I am Sharkutus

    Stage 1 Shark map for the very very good. Very smooth Very progressive Fairly relentless through the Rev range superb when you are `on a hoon` as it it keeps giving as you keep revving. Superb Value for money. DIY process is easy, even for a technopaz such as I. All in all, very...
  19. PaulAr

    One out...One in

    OUT My trusty old Smoker IN Another S3
  20. PaulAr

    2012 S3 Remap

    Apparently the 2012 S3 cant be remapped without opening up the ECU? Is this true? cheers Paul