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    TT Mk2 high level brake light 8J0945097

    Hi Dave hope your ok mate? just wondered if you can price up the above please break light part number 8J0945097 for a mk2 TT as cheap as possible please? thanks a lot Bailey
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    Stoke On Trent Meet

    Just wondering if any of you guys are up for a meet in and around the Stoke On Trent Area? Let me know here and I will get a list together. Bailey
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    Picked up my TT on Friday - Love it :)

    For the past 5 years I have had a 2.0 TDI Audi A3 and have been a member on these forums so I thought it was time for a change so for the past 6 months I have been on the car hunt. I managed tosave £20,000 to buy a new motor outright over the past 18 months so It was time to spec up what car I...
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    Goodbye my fellow A3'ers

    Hello there people, I am sorry to say I have sold my A3 now and had a new car so I wont be a member of the A3 crew anymore :( I have been a member on the forum for quite some years and I have had my A3 for 5 years and she's been a beauty. I am sorry to see her go. I want to say thanks to...
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    Windscreen Wiper help?

    Hey Guys Bit of a problem this morning, I came down to the bottom of the garden to start up the car and it was a bit frosty. I pulled the windscreen wipers away from the windscreen itself as they were frozen to the screen and in doing so with the driver side one there was a cracking noise. So...
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    What Bulb is this?

    Hi guys, sorry if this is one of the dumbest questions ever but I really dont know. My rear break light went today in my MY11 rear lights and I took the unit apart and got the bulb out and I have never seen one like it before. If anyone can assist that would be great. Sorry for being so...
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    1K0927903B part required please

    Hi Dave, I am after part no. 1K0927903B please? It should be a ABS and Break Pad wear sensor as far as I am aware? Mine has perished on the passenger side so the break pad light is on :( Can you please double check this? Thanks Bailey
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    Main Headlight Height Adjustment

    Hi guys, I have just installed my Xenon bulbs in my A3 and I have noticed that the drivers side light is angled up more so it looks brighter on the drivers side than the other, It looks a little stupid to say the least. I was just wondering if there is a way to angle it down a little to bring...
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    S Line Rear Spoiler

    Hi Dave, Im looking for a S Line rear roof spoiler so just wondering how much they are? I have got a 2005 A3 2.0 TDI 3 door. Thanks Bailey
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    Exhaust Tips???

    Hi Guys I am looking to get some exhaust tips for my car, currently the back end looks like this: I am looking to get this sort of effect: How easy is this to do? Has anyone got any recomendations to ebay tips which will go...
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    Strict MOT Rules, Lets hope this doenst happen :(

    Hi there, Lets hope this does not come into the UK people, it would be awful. Millions of modified and classic cars could be banned from the roads as meddling European Union try to shake-up MOT rules | Mail Online What do you think? Regards Bailey
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    Strict MOT Rules, Lets hope this doenst happen :(

    Hi there, Lets hope this does not come into the UK people, it would be awful. What do you think? Millions of modified and classic cars could be banned from the roads as meddling European Union try to shake-up MOT rules | Mail Online Regards Bailey
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    S Line parts

    Hi Dave, Hope your ok, Just wondered if you can price me up the following parts? Try and be as cheap as possible :p Front S-line Bumper (8P4 807 095A) S-line fog lights (8E0 941 699C & 8E0 941 700C) Fog light plugs x2 (3D0 941 165A) Fog light screws x6 (8H0 807 199A) S-line fog grilles...
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    Changing front grille - ideas welcomed!

    Hi people, I have got quite a few scratches and cracks in my front grille so I am thinking of getting it changed but I need to ask a couple of questions on here first? Should I get a all black grille, another silver one ( like I have on at the moment ) Or another type of grille? What do you...
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    Looking for coilovers!

    Hi there DPM, I am looking to get some coilovers from you and just wanted your advice on which kit to get. I am looking at getting one of the following: AP Coilover Suspension Kit A3 8P / A3 8P Sportback 1.8T FSi, 2.0T FSi, 2.0TDi FWD 05/03> - £483.00 : The premier online mail order VAG...
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    Aftermarket Audi Reverse parking sensors stopped working, help please?

    Hi guys, I have the aftermarket Genuine Audi reverse parking sensors fitted on my car and recently they have stopped working. There is no beeping at all when I put it in reverse gear so they are completely dead at the moment. I am thinking that it could possibly be a fuse gone within the fuse...
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    DIY Oil Change

    Hi there people, I have seen a few threads and guides on the forum in order to do a DIY oil change so I am considering doing it myself. I have a 2005 2.0 TDI so I am just going to ask a few questions to see if you guys know. Is it straight forward to do? I have got this oil in mind to use so...
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    What Mileage have your cars done?

    Hi people, I am not sure if this has been done before but I was just wondering what mileage people have got on their clocks currently? And from what mileage you have had your car? I will start off: Mines on 100k atm and still going well, I had the car from 50k so I have done 50k miles on her...
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    Cam Belt Change on my car.

    Hi there people. In the next 2 - 3000 miles I will be in the window for a cam belt change on my car and I just have a few questions to see if you guys can help. My car is a 2005 2.0 TDI 1 - Can anybody recommend a garage in the midlands area who can do this job who are reasonable? 2 -...
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    Cam Belt Change

    Hi there Dave, Hope your ok? My A3 is due a cam belt change very soon so I was just wondering how much your dealership charges to do this? My car is a 2005 Audi A3 2.0 TDI and the Reg is E2JEB. If you can get back to me as soon as possible with a price that would be good. Thanks James