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  1. craig_TDI

    Gave her a bath and jan/feb plans :)

    Decided to leave the moddin now till new year then first things that are gettin done in jan/feb are; Coilovers Wheels referbed (gunmetal) Leon cupra r splitter And yellow fogs Gave her a bath yesterday :) Drivers door :) Engine bay :)
  2. craig_TDI

    Lowering..... Again :)

    Alright peeps.. gonna be lowerimg my car in the new year and decided to go with springs and B5 cups over coilovers. These are the springs I'm lookin to get, would they be ok on s-line shocks with the B5 cups? Eibach 50mm/40mm Sportline Lowering Suspension Springs A4 B7 Saloon 1.9TDi, 2.0TDi...
  3. craig_TDI

    Show us your tax disc holder..

    What you got? Sick of the big ugly one with the dealers logo on it where I got the car from. Thinkin of a black Audi richbrook one.. Thoughts?
  4. craig_TDI

    Picture request :)

    Just wondering if anyone could help me in findin a picture of a black A4 B7 S-line lowered with red 18" 5 spoke S-line wheels, quiet exact I no but thinking of havin my wheels refurbished in red after I get coilovers fitted.. Or if anyone could photoshop it this is my car.. Thanks alot, Craig.
  5. craig_TDI

    Interior trim

    Alright peeps I'm wanting to carbon wrap my hideous silver fish scale interior trim. Where's the best place to get this stuff from? 3M? eBay? And how much will I need? Thanks in advance for any help, Craig.
  6. craig_TDI

    DPF permanent fix :)

    Has anybody had any experience or heard of this place? They offer a permanent fix by removing the DPF :) defo considering this.. Audi A4 170 TDI DPF Problems - DPF Removal
  7. craig_TDI

    HELP!!! Warning symbol.

    Alright everyone, was on my way to work this morning and my petrol light came on then a couple of minuets after this light appeared.. Can anyone tell me what it means please. Thanks
  8. craig_TDI

    Couple of questions...

    Hi everyone, iv recently join the forum as iv become the proud owner of an Audi A4 B7 2.0 TDI (170) S-line :) I absolutly love it!!!! So onto the questions... How do I find out what optional extras my car has got? And my cars come with one of them ugly bury phone cradles, what's the best way to...