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    Wanted Wanted aftermarket 19" alloys wheels 8.5j/9j ET 43 or below..

    I just purchased a set of OZ-Racing Formula HLT Grigio Corsa (19x8.5 ET47 5x 112) Not quite the ET you want but 5mm Spacer will give you the ET I have a BBK on my Golf R and the Clearance is a bit tight for me to feel comfortable with So rather than send them back (or may even keep them for my...
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    Anyone know of FT62KCZ

    So few around with the wingbacks finding a nice one is going to be very difficult have you thought about asking if someone/garage who's has a Car for sale that there struggling to sell (Cat D etc) would exchange them for Std Seats and Cash there where (£1K plus depending on condition) change...
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    Anyone know of FT62KCZ

    Can't help you with that one but if your interested in a Stage 2 11 Plate 57000 Miler (Complete With Hand Controls) For around £17500 send us a PM:
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    For Sale Audi s3 8v Sportback black leather front seats

    Think they would Bolt straight in as I have RS3 8V Electric Seats fitted into my 8P RS3 just the wiring that is different
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    Audi rs3 8p

    I have a White Stage 2 (MRC Tuned) Car I'll probably be putting up for Sale end of the Month Register May 2011 Owned for just over 18 Months With Full History 57000 Miles Handling and Cosmetic Mods as well as performance Looking for about £18K if any interest to you:
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    For Sale 2016 rs3 ! Massive spec 2 years Audi warranty. Take a look

    Not sure if your looking at the Same Car but I would say: Dynamic Package Plus Comfort And Sound Package Tech Pack High Red Brake Calipers Folding Mirrors Privacy Glass RS3 Design Pack and a Metallic Paint Finish (Over £7K of Options) Definitely more than 2 Options however you do the Maths and...
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    For Sale 2016 rs3 ! Massive spec 2 years Audi warranty. Take a look

    Same Audi Dealer (Tetbury) it came from have a lower mileage Car For Sale at nearly 3K Less (Not quite same spec but still good)...
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    Looking to buy

    Press Cars are often loaded with more options so another positive
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    Looking to buy

    Some people avoid Press Cars and Dealer Demonstrators in the first few years of it's life due to the nature of it use but think 8 years after new any problems would have surfaced by now and good service history probably better purchase than some of the Cars with 2-3 Owners that have dubious...
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    Anyone recognise this rs3 HG12 BHJ

    Sorry don't know anything about that Car but got a White Stage 2 2011 55000 Miler coming up for sale end of the Month
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    Sportback Swapping seats

    I have 8V Electric Seats in my 8P Sub Frames are straight fit (So should be reversible 8P to 8V) but Plug's are different I've not bothered sorting the Airbag or Heating wiring out just wanted the Electric Option but sure a good Auto Electrician would be able to wire them for you.
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    Wait for 2019 RS3 or not?

    If the order books are like the TT-RS think it could be longer than 3 weeks before you'll get an order placed Books for the TT-RS Closed 24th Feb and still not re-opened.
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    Better than the 1st time around (2016 Cars) No Factory Orders just Cars From Audi's Expensive Parts Bin
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    Factory Orders closed again now on the TTRS (24/02/18) should reopen for the F/L (May/June)
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    Difference between 2015/2016 model

    Nav became std late 2015 and believe model is described as RS3 NAV whereas the Cars registered Before October 2015 were Just Described as RS3
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    Sportback discounts

    As this is not a Audi Finance contribution would the £3120 Discount have to be returned if you paid off the Finance within the 14 Day cooling off period?
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    B9 First one seen

    PM (Conversation) sent
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    Is this anyone's car/anyone know this car?

    With it being one of the early Cars (15 Plate) worth checking the History as quite a lot of the Dealer Demo And Press Cars had similar spec and although you still have Manufactures Warranty Press Cars can be awkward to move come re-sale time
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    Fully Electric Seats on a 3 DR 8P

    My Mate looked into it on the Golf Seats and after stripping it down found that the Forward and Back Motor would have been possible but the Reclining was proving to difficult to change over so I stuck with a 5 Door Drivers seat in a 3 Door Car and pretty sure the S3 will be the same as the Golf.
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    Fully Electric Seats on a 3 DR 8P

    Looking at your other post It seems to say Available on Sportback models only which I think you'll find is the same as the 8V Brochure making it not an option on the 3 Door Models.