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    Whats the best way to clean & remove the EGR (2003 2,0TDI)

    I've used Terraclean in Chorley garage and yo only need to wait for a hour for that Terraclean machine to clean all carbon out from your car. Best spend £108, will do it again in 6 months time.
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    Audi A3 Taillight Ideas???

    led bulbs light for reversing
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    So is everyone going to slow down now?

    AKK! 10k? it like the value of my car. Well i ain't worry about the phone cos I'm deaf lol
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    preheating issus!

    BUMP.. sorry forgot to upload the picture of warning lights 2 warning messages popup at same time. I've checked the Audi' manual book and it said glow-plug overheating (glowplug cost 35 quids and there is different names which should i go for?)
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    rough idle, few judders when driving..

    I had that same problems couple of months ago. It the air block in pipe so you need to high rev on motorway with low gear example 70mph on 3rd gear then 4th gear on 80-90mph.. Make sure there no police around lol. BTW you will expect black smoke coming out of exhaust
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    What Camera kit do you have?

    Owned Canon EOS 1100D but rarely used it cos of rubbish weather
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    Super bright CREE DRL's fitted with new feature

    newbieboyy - i got same car as your car. do you have to take bumper off to install that cree sidelights?
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    Led number plate lights

    Nah I kept it cos it very bright :D will take pic when it night time
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    Led number plate lights

    I've brought number plate full housing from that same company and still throw up errors in Audi A3 2010 8P. They said try the resistors which is nada for me
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    marks in paint

    Ahhhh got that same problem on my car. It a paint chip and only option is get professional done but I rather wait for any major scratch on it then i get full wrapping :D :P
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    Beginners question about tyre pressures

    I've always use 35psi, the maximum on my goodyear tires is 50psi (50psi gonna pop my tires lol)
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    If colour was no object, what would you choose?

    Google sprint blue colour. Those colour are popular with Audi S3
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    LED REVERSE lights...

    Feels little bit stupid but does anybody know how to take out the reverse light bulb on Audi A3 1.6 TDI 2010 S-Line 8P? Anybody got link, please put them here. Thanks.
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    Tyre choice.

    All my 4 tires uses Goodyear with rim protectors
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    Do Audi drivers get a bad name?

    its the bmw! not the audi lol. lots of ***** drivers in beemer
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    What do you do for a job?

    IT Tech support and General Maintenance for Deaf Charity.
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    What is this?

    it an air intake lol my car got it.. you need get air filter cleaned or replace with new one
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    What Type of Audi do you have and why?

    Audi A3 1.6 TDI S-Line Sportback 2010 5 doors black, why? because I was originally going to buy BMW series 3 but got distracted by A3 body (external and internal). Cost a bomb but worth it! Brought it 8 months ago and already rack up 11k miles :P
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    Photoshot: Widebody RS3 Transformation - Sepang Blue w/ 275-30-19 :)

    WOW! I have to say that you done very good job with your car! *Thumb up* You're very brave with cutting up your car, there is no way I'm letting anybody harm my car lol. BTW ignore the haters!