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  1. maars

    Audi S3 wheel refurb / or new wheels??

    Fair enough, although they are OEM Audi wheels :-)
  2. maars

    What steering wheel for A3 3.2 V6, Reg 2004? S Line, S3 or S3 Flat Bottom? Thanks

    I have a mint condition TTS FBMFSW for sale with airbag. PM me if you're interested.
  3. maars

    Audi S3 wheel refurb / or new wheels??

    I've got a lovely set of 19" BBS 20-spokes for sale. PM me if you're interested.
  4. maars

    Just received the rear led clusters but...

    Glad you got them working Lee. They look great.
  5. maars


    Head over to :yes:
  6. maars

    A request / what' it worth thread please, guys!!

    PM'd you about the wheels Andy.
  7. maars

    Top marks to Audi Roadside Assistance

    The dreaded DPF light came on the other day, swiftly followed by the flashing glowplug light, then the Emissions light, then a lovely loss of power. The usual trick of 15 mins in 4th at 2000rpm didn't cure it. One call to Audi Roadside Assistance and they fixed it within 20 mins. Apparently the...
  8. maars

    Looking to swap my 19" BBS split rims for a set of standard 18s a little cash, naturally. I'm hoping to trade my A3 sportback in next week, and need to revert it back to standard. That means my 19" Audi/BBS 20-spoke split rims, with 225/35x19 Vredestein Sessantas, have to come off. PM me if you have a decent set of 18s and ideally are in the South...
  9. maars

    Recommended paintless dent removal firms in Kent?

    Nice one. Thanks for that!:icon_thumright:
  10. maars

    Recommended paintless dent removal firms in Kent?

    Looking for recommendations on good firms in Kent/SE London.
  11. maars

    Rear left parking bulb Warning...

    My sportback has a similar rear left light fault and all the bulbs are stock. I changed a blown bulb and all was fine, until at the weekend the 'rear left bulb' warning light flicked on, then disappeared. Very strange.
  12. maars

    Recommendations for allow wheel refurb in Kent

    Looking for somewhere to get my BBS split rims refurbed. I phoned Lepsons and they want over £500, and nearer to £600 for a colour change :faint: I'd send them off to N8 but I don't have a spare set of rims. Any suggestions/recommendations?
  13. maars

    Audi A3 spoiler required!! old or new!!! My cars CRYING for one

    Here you go... AUDI A3 S3 S-LINE SPOILER BUMPER GENUINE | eBay
  14. maars

    Front tyre wear, Quattro

    Mine chewed up four perfectly good tyres like this - all the inner edges looked like they'd been chamfered at 45 degrees. A four wheel alignment sorted it out, after four new tyres were fitted. Worth getting the alignment checked at least every six months.
  15. maars

    Sportback rear LEDs - Bargain price!

    Worth checking out the 09+ Sportbacks being broken on ebay too...
  16. maars

    Sportback S-Line spoiler : brake light not working

    Just had the car MOT'd and they informed me that the spoiler brake light isn't working! How do I remove/replace the light, and what's the part nos? Thanks.
  17. maars

    Sportback rear light question

    Nice one. Thanks.
  18. maars

    Sportback rear light question

    Are there different grades of 'new style' rear lights (i.e. 2008/9 on)? Is it only the higher spec (e.g S-Line) that have the LED lighting, or do all the models have the same spec lights?