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  1. JG220

    S4 front calliper bleed screw - Audi Warranty

    My car (still just in manufacture warranty) went in for a brake fluid service last week. I got one of those nice videos saying they needed to replace the front callipers as the outer bleed screws on both sides were seized. £1,500 please. I told them to contact Audi UK warranty, not sure why...
  2. JG220

    S4 B9 New Pads

    I’d be interested in good dealer feedback too in the south east.
  3. JG220

    S4 B9 New Pads

    Where shall I get pads done, the light has just come on. don’t know if it’s fronts or rears but guess it’s probably fronts. Given the annoyance of having to take the car i might get both done. 36k miles from a set isn’t bad. Main dealer is about £1,000 for a full set fitted.
  4. JG220

    Have you heard the S4/S5 rumour...

    New S4 looks like a complete backwards step to me both in terms of diesel and infotainment. I won't be buying one. My theory is that the decision of Porsche to drop diesel left a large number (and production investment) of the 3L diesel uncalled for. Conversely, given the that the 3L TFSi we...
  5. JG220

    Do we have an Audi parts discount

    I need to buy a new key, and they are quite expensive at about £350 +2hs labour. £600 all. Luckily lost the service key, the gloss black s4 one is not replaceable. Any dealers do discounts for this forum?
  6. JG220

    Long delays for new orders due to WLTP emissions testing

    Gosh, that's crazy. I had to wait 2 months for mine, from order to receipt and that was way too long.
  7. JG220

    Does Your S4 get attention?

    No, and thats the whole point of it.
  8. JG220

    Just Ordered

    oh and it has averaged 30mpg over its life, which i'm very happy with.
  9. JG220

    Just Ordered

    And in Wales on holiday
  10. JG220

    Just Ordered

    18,000 miles now and just had first service. Its just about on track for the average 20k miles I thought I'd do in it per year. I think its getting better and better. Engine is nicely bedded in now and has all the performance I could ever want in a daily. It also sounds fantastic now that...
  11. JG220

    Just Ordered

    I have found one other issue. the front passenger belt buckle rattles agains the hard sided seat when not in use
  12. JG220

    Must have S4 extras

    I meant to add memory seats - Also essential :p
  13. JG220

    What should I choose...S4 or S5?

    Manhattan much better than Daytona for me. Fast Audi’s have to be avant - that’s the law
  14. JG220

    Must have S4 extras

    Sports diff - essential Adaptive dampers - essential Keyless - essential VC - essential Piano black or carbon inlay - essential B&O - essential Matrix lights - essential Metallic paint - essential S4 only wheels - essential Black pack - nice to have (i love it on floret) Panoramic - nice...
  15. JG220

    Just Ordered

    A little update after 8000 miles. Took it all the way to the alps. Where it was incredible in the snow. Infact we had snow for over 8hrs of the drive down through France it was incredibly confidence inspiring A full set of Nokian WR4s were brilliant. 7k miles on them and they have at least...
  16. JG220

    New S4 avant Ordered

    very nice
  17. JG220

    S4 sales campaign ended

    i think i got 18% discount with pretty much all the options. That was 11% off list and 7% finance contribution. Something like that, and i think others on here did better than that.
  18. JG220

    What should I choose...S4 or S5?

    Estate looks best of them all.
  19. JG220

    Speaking brakes

    They they just need some abuse. It happens due to irregular pad material on the disk surface causing the pads to catch irregularly and that causes the squeak
  20. JG220

    A very frustrating car to own

    6500 miles into the S4 and 7000 miles into the M140, is say they were about the same. The kickdown coding on the s4 is better in that it makes better use of torque an doesn’t drop 3 gears as soon as you want to. The bmw probably shifts fractionally faster. Overall both are great.