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  1. Keane

    For Sale 2016 Ara blue Audi RS3, 40k miles, huge spec

    For sale. Ara Blue Crystal 2016 Audi rs3, first registered 28/01/16 with one middle aged lady owner from new. Just coming up to 40k miles with full independent service history. Absolutely stunning condition, not an abused example. Finished in the exclusive Ara blue Crystal effect and I’ve not...
  2. Keane

    Wanted Wanted s3 8v. Private buyer

    Hi, I’m looking for a 2016> s3 if anyone is looking to sell? Must be a 5 door, auto with B&O. Happy to settle finance as part of the deal. Private buyer with funds waiting. Please message if you’re looking to sell. Thankyou Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Keane

    For Sale 2018 Audi s4 Avant. Mag ride, virtual cockpit, carbon inlays, B&O ect.

    FOR SALE 2018 Audi s4 Avant. 54k Miles 1 prev owner Full Audi service history Warranty untill June 2021 that can be extended B&O 3D sound system Audi connect Google earth maps Magnetic ride Upgraded massage seats Carbon inlay package Virtual cockpit Black pack Extended led lighting...
  4. Keane

    For Sale 2016 Audi rs3 must sell by Wednesday !

    I just found a great car on Auto Trader: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Keane

    For Sale 2016 rs3 ! Massive spec 2 years Audi warranty. Take a look

    I just found a great car on Auto Trader: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Keane

    For Sale Audi rs3 private plate. RS03 LAB

    As above, came on a car I brought. £350 all fees paid. Not many rs03 plates left on dvla site and non that say something with the last 3 letters. If you have an rs3 and a lab dog it’s perfect. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Keane

    Wanted Wanted ! Nice Audi s3 and 2.0tdi Quattro sline A3.

    As above, Looking for a decent s3 8v 2014> ... must have sound and screen package B&O sound. Also looking for a nice A3 8v 2.0tdi QUATTRO. Again must have sound and screen b&o sound. Happy to settle finance if needed on my terms, please message if you have either for sale :) Regards...
  8. Keane

    Anyone selling/ handing back their rs3 that’s on hire purchase ?

    I brought an rs3 in 2018 from a friend who had the car on hire purchase. I was able to buy it straight from Audi/bca before he gave it back and it went to auction. I then sold it a few months ago but I’m looking for another now ![emoji17] is anyone handing back their rs3 who would be willing to...
  9. Keane

    For Sale Audi A3 8v dynamic rear lights and Audi retrofit modules

    As above, selling my dynamic lights and modules as I’ve sold my rs3. Perfect condition, fully working. Plug and play with the Audi retrofit modules alone cost me £280. Whole package £700 posted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Keane

    For Sale For sale Nardo grey Audi rs3 8v 2016

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Keane

    2011 Audi a1 1.6 sline. Pano roof, nav ! 8k worth of extras.

    For sale. 2011 Audi A1 1.6 TDI sline 3 door. Daytona Grey, 89,000 miles, stop/start technology, £20 a year tax. MOT untill June 20th 2019, service history and cambelt/water pump changed at 77k miles. Two previous owners, we have owned for the last 5 years. HUGE spec list! Auto...
  12. Keane

    Wanted WANTED . Audi A3 8p black edition 5DR stronic ! Or a basic A3 8v :) cash waiting.

    Hi, Looking for either a black edition A3 8p or a basic A3 8v for the mrs ! Upto 10k£. If you have anything drop me a message :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Keane

    Facelift 2016 rs3 rear window pillar / strips bubbling!! Pics

    Will Audi cover this on warranty? Car is immaculate apart from this and this shouldn’t happen on a 2016 plate Audi. I’m extremely fussy and work in the paint spraying game but this isn’t acceptable right? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Keane

    Facelift New rs3 owner ! Saying hello and gearbox/ brakes/ exhaust questions.

    Evening lads ! Hello from me :) is I’ve just got myself a beautiful nardo grey rs3 from a good customer from my work at a price a couldn’t refuse ! . I’m Really happy with the car however I’ve come from a stage 2+ DSG Audi s3 8p running 350bhp 400ftlbs and feel the gearbox is a lot more jerky...
  15. Keane

    Facelift New rs3 owner to be ..

    Hi lads, I currently have a 2011 s3 8p running 360bhp 398ftlbs and moving onto an rs3 in the next few weeks ! Cannot beat the sound and the nardo grey is just ...[emoji7]! I didn’t think the rs3 (standard) was as quick as my s3 but what a car and I’ve fallen in love with the sound. I have a...
  16. Keane

    2012 Audi s3 8p dsg top spec reccaro’s / mag ride / nav / sunroof, Rtech stage 2+

    Thinking of selling my massive spec 2012 Audi s3! It has every option from factory apart from cruise control and I mean every option .... magnetic ride suspension, like new factory fitted heated wingbacks, sunroof, mmi nav plus, front/ rear radar parking sensors, heated / dimming folding...
  17. Keane

    Rnse mmi not compatible with iOS ?

    Hi guys, I have a 2011 Audi S3. It has the MMI connection in the glove box. When I plug my iPhone 6 into it it says device not supported? Is there a way or a special lead that will enable me to plug my phone in and it displaying my tracks etc ?? Thanks in advance Keane
  18. Keane

    Auto folding mirrors when remote locking Audi s3 possible ??

    Can anyone tell me how to activate auto folding mirrors when locked/unlocked please ??
  19. Keane

    Possibly Returning to a black s3 ! Anyone know this car .... * YG10 WDE *

    Hi lads !!! After almost 2 years away from a performance hatch I may be returning ! :) I used to be on here and owned a stage 2+ s3 I looking to buy another and wondered if anyone knows this car YG10 WDE ??? High milage and a little lose ..but looks clean and gets me back behind the wheel of...
  20. Keane

    2010 Audi 2.0tdi coil/emissions light help?

    Evening lads I've seen a lot on here regarding the coil light /emissions light etc... well now my 2010 black edition (140) had decided it feels left out and has thrown a hissy fit ! Keeps going into limp mode :( I've cleared the codes a few times and she will run for 300 miles without no...