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  1. themanthatcan

    Grind'y' noise - but not when i turn left?

    I had a drone from mine which sounded just like a dying wheel bearing..was planning on getting it sorted this month after replacing all 4 tyres. Replaced the tyres last weekend and the noise has gone!
  2. themanthatcan

    CV boot leaking

    Hi Adam, I've just checked my paperwork and I was charged £97.50 to have both the inner and outer NSF CV gaitors changed. That was £57.50 of labour (an hour) and £40 worth of parts. HTH, Andy
  3. themanthatcan

    Driveshaft shafted

    It's an Audi genuine part. Could have saved a bit of money by getting a remanufactured one from Motaquip or similar but I'm not a fan of that sort of thing!
  4. themanthatcan

    Was after some wheel and tyre advise.

    In what way were they **** matey? I need 4 new tyres on mine and the Ecstas seem to get pretty good reviews. A mate had them on his Scooby and said they performed pretty well and wear rate was good. Cheers, Andy
  5. themanthatcan

    Driveshaft shafted

    Oh yeah I understand there needs to be some give in it's movement, but it's not supposed to move in and out 2 inches and make a nasty clunking noise when doing so though is it? The RAC man turned up this morning and towed it to the garage by lifting the front wheels onto his trolley..said it's...
  6. themanthatcan

    Driveshaft shafted

    It really has been one thing after another, yeah! She also needs 4 new tyres as's gonna be another expensive month! Just sat at home waiting for the RAC to arrive at the moment. Am I right in thinking that they'll need a flatbed to move the car as you can't tow a 4wd car?
  7. themanthatcan

    Driveshaft shafted

    Evening peeps, Was driving home from work this evening when I started getting a knocking/clicking sound and vibrations from the nearside front of the car when going round corners. As I'd just played 1.5hrs of badminton, really couldn't be ***** to sit on the hard shoulder of the M27 and was...
  8. themanthatcan

    S3 SIREN

    Microwave sensors and a foghorn siren are defo the way forward :thumbsup: The standard setup is so useless that I can wash my car with a pressure washer on the driveway with the alarm armed and it won't even bat an eyelid!
  9. themanthatcan

    Part query

    Yep that's the one matey :thumbsup:
  10. themanthatcan

    Cargo Net

    Not being funny matey but I certainly wouldn't just hand one over to you with the wording you used. Very blunt and to the point without even a please!
  11. themanthatcan

    torque steer

    As leggy says, sounds more like the tyres tramlining than torque steer.
  12. themanthatcan

    Sunroof Retro-fit

    I doubt anybody would ever agree to those terms! You've clearly never tried retro-fitting a sunroof before as it's quite high-risk and even a basic tilt sunroof is a pain in the *** to install, so an OEM tilt and slide would be an absolute pig. I've fitted a couple of retro-fit tilt sunroofs...
  13. themanthatcan

    MTM S3 for sale.

    They're called RS4's because they also came as standard on the B5 RS4, albeit in 112 PCD and a different offset. Andy
  14. themanthatcan

    ET + spacer question

    I have 15mm spacers on the rear and 10mm up front and it looks great :thumbsup: Looking at standard cars now I realise that I couldn't go back to having the wheels lost inside the arches! Do it, such a simple mod but makes a big difference!!
  15. themanthatcan

    Camper Van Help

    Very jealous of the camper matey..looks like a good little project. How much did she set you back? The girl I'm seeing at the mo loves them and I've always fancied one as well; we've pretty much agreed that if we ever move in together that we're gonna get a fixer-upper and restore it together :)...
  16. themanthatcan

    two warning lights at once!!!

    The engine management light should go out after going for a drive..if not then disconnect the battery for 30 mins and that should sort it.
  17. themanthatcan

    I thought i was bad with spelling!

    Eh? At a quick glance I don't see a single typo, or am I missing something obvious?
  18. themanthatcan

    Had a play...

    Are you forgetting that Faz has an MTM beast? :)
  19. themanthatcan

    MK 4 Golf R32

    Certainly is running over 600BHP..the owner was in there when Rob and I visited a few months back. It sounds like a mental car!
  20. themanthatcan

    Security Camera

    Err Chris your car's been nicked mate :p