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  1. as04ley

    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    i have been a member for a few years now and not even posted pics of my car..... here is some [/IMG] i had my grille matt black but i didnt like it so i got it done the same as the car, what do you think?
  2. as04ley

    parts needed!!!

    hi guys, i am looking for ether a s-line front bumper or normal front bumper for a audi a4 b6 sport if anyone has one for sale pref close to nottingham but if not i am willing to drive more miles? i am also looking for a drivers side light not in full black its the chrome silver with black at...
  3. as04ley


    love the colour mate, nice car to. a lot of time taken and what a great out come.
  4. as04ley

    cleaned the wagon

    looks nice and clean, nice job
  5. as04ley

    Anyone know where to take my Audi?

    did you have any luck with going down to series9, if so what they say?
  6. as04ley

    Votex kit fitting

    i used this web site for doing what you doing apart from i just taken my standard bumper front and back off so it can be sprayed. it gives you a clue. when you get the bumper off (front or back) it takes some strength to...
  7. as04ley

    Anyone know where to take my Audi? next to nottingham town center just down the road from ice centre. behind the showcase cinema. thats the one i go to they s**t hot with audi's
  8. as04ley

    Finally got some pictures of my car!!

    love the pics mate. get the grey bits colour coded then it will look even sweeter :icon_thumright:
  9. as04ley

    Machine Polishing

    like rich said go for the new Kestrel DAS-6, and if u hunt around u can get yourself some good package deals....
  10. as04ley

    Help! please

    the temp aguge is fine and its had a new thermostat in already as well, its very strange
  11. as04ley

    My S4 up for sale

    well i got a insurance qoute for £1051 and i am 21 which isnt bad but 3k on a audi 1.8turbo is mad dont you think
  12. as04ley

    Help! please

    Just a quick question, my dad has a b5 P reg a4 and all the pipes are dead hot but the heater in the car is not hot do you think its the heater element thats gone? :blackrs4:
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  14. as04ley

    my project

    thats why i did mine as grey didnt go well with a black car, i am sure if you go to a local sprayer they will do it for cheap, but i did mine my self with a mate who used to work as a sprayer so got it done for cheap, it taken me ages to do it but it was worth it:thumbsup:
  15. as04ley

    my project

    thanks for the comment:arco: yes getting light smoked windows, remap and FMIC but not sure about a cat back or and some 18" of 19" rs4s
  16. as04ley

    my project

    hi all just like to show you what i got up to over the past week. here are some pics, sorry but the pics was taken off a phone if they blury and some pics dont show all the fine work we have done, but its a mint job trust me. what do people think?
  17. as04ley

    kool i have told him for you, and he has added the soft top cleaner for you too.... :o.k:
  18. as04ley

    look at post 1 for what to put if you need any help.... copy and past it, and PM me the link when you have don't it and i will pass it on for you. Ash :racer:
  19. as04ley

    yes mate go for it the more the better, and ask them to post it on and on to other forums etc, thanks for the interest, i will pass it on to my friend who runs the site, and remember you can add as many items as you like, as many times as your like... Ash. :arco:
  20. as04ley

    i know this has been sported now thanks, i know the guy from DW has been trying to get hold of you over at DW, but your PM is not open, could you please PM him at 20rsport, he would like your feedback on the site, and if your ok with you being on there? Ash :friends: