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    S4 reliability @ 80-100k+ miles (inc. sport diff/ADS)

    Sorry and yes totally not the same issues with chains as the 4.2 engine. And my first one I had MRC do a stage 2 package, brilliant. The last 2 I have just stick a stage 1 tune on. I don't think people have issues running higher power, I haven't. The only thing to note is potential wear on the...
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    S4 reliability @ 80-100k+ miles (inc. sport diff/ADS)

    Sorry I have no experience of the manuals, so clutch changes I have no idea. It will be pretty much the same as any other car though, as in completely dependant on how well it's been driven, and the type of driving in general. Yes, Don't get me wrong if something did go wrong with any of the...
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    S4 reliability @ 80-100k+ miles (inc. sport diff/ADS)

    Good buy, mostly. If you want a manual you don't have the gearbox to worry about. Sports diffs are pretty strong I've never had one go wrong, there's no servicing for them but around 100k I would definitely replace both fluids if it's spots diff or even just standard probably change out the...
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    A4 B8 rattleing noise

    What engine is in it? Sent from my HD1900 using Tapatalk
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    3.0TDi Remapping

    Anything below £160 stay away from, it will most likely be eBay bought files used or very badly written files done in a cracked version of ECM titanium. Or more importantly if something goes wrong during the process of flashing the ECU, you'll be left to sort it as the "tuner" will disappear...
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    B8 / 8.5 S4 - How do you drive yours?

    Wife- Comfort only if wife's in the car. Commuting and normal driving - Auto on ads and auto/d gearbox most of the time for normal driving. I would call this 50% fun 75% fun - Individual set to auto on everything apart from engine/gearbox in dynamic and use manual mode, when having a little...
  7. Tobe

    Can you do an EGR delete without using a blanking plate?

    Yes, as long as the valves are working properly a decent solution will just keep them closed, always better to block them off though if it's possible.
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    Strange rotary vibration

    Or being quattro if there a mismatch in tyre sizes or a big difference in wear between front and back then that can cause issues.
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    Strange rotary vibration

    Wheel bearings quite common on the b8, quite easy to check for play. Could also be bearing on prop shaft in middle. Probably not front drive shaft joints if it doesn't change with turning, buy maybe rear drive shafts. Or worst case rear diff but that is normally more of a whiny noise.
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    Coolant Temperature

    Not 100% the same, but my 3.0tfsi in this weather at the moment hit 90 within about 2-3 mins of starting it up, before I get onto the main road it is 90 which is about half a mile And 90 will show on the gauges between a set parameter of actual temp given by the temp sensor as it fluctuates...
  11. Tobe

    Wiper help!!! 2012 a4 s-line

    If it has auto and only seems to have a problem in that mode it could also be the rain sensor
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    Help Please Rattle from rear of engine (B8 S4), what is it?

    If you just want to do the upper tensioners, one side can be done with the engine still in the car, I forget which one it's tight but the sai valves(think that's what they are) behind the engine on each side have to come off to get the Chian covers off and one side won't be removable without...
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    Help Please Rattle from rear of engine (B8 S4), what is it?

    Yeh I would say the owner knows exactly what it is and that's why it's for sale
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    Help Please Rattle from rear of engine (B8 S4), what is it?

    There's an upper tensioner on both sides behind the black cover. Mine did it on the left, and the right was silent. The vicious brief rattle is very well documented on the early models, and there's tsb's for it. After looking on other forums for ages there's only a few cases I've found where...
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    Help Please Rattle from rear of engine (B8 S4), what is it?

    It's the upper chain tensioner/s, it's worth finding out when last oil change was, and what oil used. The right grade of oil and fresh can make this go away as it affects the oil pressure when cold. I say this as mine did this for a couple of months before an oil change completely cured it...
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    Help Please What's this?

    I don't know 100%, but probably accessible from underneath, I'd imagine up above where the steering rack is somewhere, normally looks like a rubber grommet with a cross cut into it. I've not had problem in that area on mine so I've just removed as much as I could from the top before it causes a...
  17. Tobe

    Help Please What's this?

    ECU housing cover. To get the top cover off there should just be tx screws but to get the whole lots out you'll have to get the ECU out and unplugged then pull all the wiring away as well, then the housing should come out. Done ECU out many times but not the whole housing. Depending on the...
  18. Tobe

    Belly Pan / Under engine cover

    You'll be fine, I've had loads of cars in the past with no/missing lower covers and never bothered replacing, it's better to have it to stop water and minor things getting into engine bay from below yes, But really if you're going to catch something from underneath that would do major damage to...
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    Help Please S4 Avant B8 stolen last night

    Sorry to hear this, fitted tracker in mine yesterday, but may think about some other sort of locks. It's not been good luck on here recently, there was another stolen and then a new owner had an accident! [emoji853] They say 1 in one out, so I guess one baby's gone but the other will hopefully...
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    B8 S4 - Just audible tinkling noise from engine

    See if you can tell if its coming from near the back, if it is could be the upper timing chain tensioners, which are behind the black covers at the back of the head on both sides of the engine. Being 2011 unless they've been changed it probably has the early version that is known to be a bit...