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  1. D2NY G

    Possibly Splitting The Audi

    Gents, Not sure if this post will be removed, if so let me know were to post. My audi has been up for sale for a while and im considering putting it back to standard-ish, so i might be offering up a whole range of parts ect for cash plus standard items seen as I sold all my standard parts...
  2. D2NY G

    Few Latest Pics

    Gent, not been as active on this forum for a while but heres some pics of the audi. Think the last posted was when the blb engine died due to blowing the turbo. Still on air with the colour coded 20" bentleys IMG_0250 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr Custom smooth diffuser with exhaust...
  3. D2NY G

    ADI Photos

    Awesome day @ ADI as usual, heres some of my photos on my facebook page currently uploading them to my flickr account so will post some pics to this thread as soon as there done.
  4. D2NY G

    A4 TDI (140) Hissing on boost, then turbo shutting down

    Gents, Got a problem with my a4 need some assistance. Firstly i had a new engine / turbo / clutch +fylwheel about 3,000 miles ago. Now when i drive and get into the turbo is making a hissing noise, mechanic checked pipes around turbo and all are ok. Thought it was turbo so sent it back but...
  5. D2NY G

    Dubfiction Show Pics

    Pics from the show at the weekend 76.B5 S4 Dubfiction by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr 75.R8YUM by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr DSC_0412_3_4 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr DSC_0409_10_11 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr...
  6. D2NY G

    GTI International Pics

    Some pics from the event, DSC_0162 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr DSC_0150_1_2 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr DSC_0144_5_6 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr DSC_0119_20_21 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr DSC_0110_1_2 by D2NY...
  7. D2NY G

    New Wheels

    Gents, Sold my Audi Cantona's to a guy in germany already had the replacements lined up and here they are, Bentley muliner series one 20x9 et41, had them colour coded with black barrels, black bentley ring and colour coded centres with black b's Over the moon with them should be all bolted...
  8. D2NY G

    Halogen To Xenon

    Gents, If i was to buy some xenons what would i need to make them work if ive only got boggo standard halogens? Different wires ect, vagcom? The ones ive seen dont have any xenon bulbs so what you guys running? Ta
  9. D2NY G

    Turbo Options (140 TDI BLB)

    Gents, Not been as active on here, firstly sold my cantona alloys to make way for the new set now coming soon, then my turbo blew up and ended up ruining my engine :( So, ive bought my self a new engine got one with the uprated oil pump so that should be sweet, even tho my blb was fine at...
  10. D2NY G

    New Look

    Gents, finally bit the bullet and went for air suspension, airlift v2 by lowstandard, love it
  11. D2NY G

    Temp Rising & Dropping? Thermostat

    Gents :D Driving home other night and noticed the car dropped from its normal steady 90 on the temp gauge, dropped to 70 then raised back upto 90 and seamt fine. Is this an early warning of the thermostat going? So all that am gunna ask, whats the damage on one of these bits will it solve ma...
  12. D2NY G

    My Audi Driver International Pics

    Heres my pictures from the event, made the trip for the last 2 years and love the event All pics can be found on So like and tag away if you want :D Anyways enjoy, DSC_0225 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr DSC_0188_89_90 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr...
  13. D2NY G

    New Front End

    gents, got my front end all sorted now, mega pleased with the job and im loving it car is more or less how i want it with just a few touches left to get sorted before next years shows i rekon also had the centre caps done body colour with black badges which is a nice touch anyways heres some...
  14. D2NY G

    Tech Question, Rear Wheel Position Once Lowered

    Gents, Ive noticed this for a while now on the rear once the a4 is lowered, it moves the rear wheel out of the centre of the arch slightly, i know of a bit they do for the mk4 golf that moves it back in, does anyone know if they make these for the a4? Id add helpful information about what the...
  15. D2NY G

    Few Changes, Teaser Pics

    Bit of an update seen as i can really keep from posting updates or keeping things underwraps at all haha Had a thread about my new bumper so heres a pic for your guys IMG_2424 by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr should hopefully be painted soon cant wait think the lighter colour of my car will...
  16. D2NY G

    Brake Upgrades

    Gents, With my new wheels im getting having bigger gaps so the full brakes are on view im looking into what 'other' brake set ups are going around Would ideally love a rs4 big brake set up something to fill the gaps, so what you running?? Car is an sline at min with drilled and grooved discs...
  17. D2NY G

    New Bumper Time

    Making a few changes to my car, now the show season done. Loads of stuff going to be happening Picking up a complete DTM bumper 2mo off my mate cant actually wait :D shameless plug bentleys are up for sale pm for info :D
  18. D2NY G

    A4 Front End Spares?

    Gents, Has anyone got some sline fog grills and a standard number plate plinth? Need these please pm me ta
  19. D2NY G

    My Audis In The Park Pics

    Gents, Heres my pics from the meet, pop over to the link and give it a like ;) currently uploading to flickr for the non facebook veiwers
  20. D2NY G

    Carbon Hydro Dipped Air Intake TDI

    Gents, Im changing my engine bay colour/design and was just thinking if anyone would be intrested in a carbon fibre dipped air intake and pipe, seams a shame to blast it and recoat it. id need your orignial plus cash tho DSC_0307 [1280x768] by D2NY G Photography, on Flickr DSC_0302...