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    A3 stereo wiring.

    Thanks will change it tomorrow,
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    A3 stereo wiring.

    Having looked through some threads i think i may have wired my new pioneer up wrong can someone yea or nae it for me please. Head unit to audi power loom(had to move a pin on the audi wiring loom to get live feed? that right) Audio to pc9-409 then amp power to remote live from hu. Having...
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    orange oil check tube K.O.

    AUDI A3/A4/A6 DIPSTICK GUIDE TUBE on eBay (end time 29-Oct-10 23:01:05 BST) There called dip stick guide's
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    Black Diamond Group buy?

    bump diddly bump.
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    High milage service.

    is it ok to use an engine flush before an oil change?
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    High milage service.

    My 1.8tqs has just turned 94k so she'll be needing a service soon, whats the best grade of oil for this engine as all the books at work list 10w40 semi, and what else should i do to keep her in good condition. (water pump tensioners and belt replaced 1k ago)
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    Questions about parts (with pics)

    mine clicks as well.
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    Engine Emmision Light on, Please help

    could be a lambda sensor on its way out, most likely to be the one after the cat. Wouldn't have thought a dodge maf would throw up the emissions light but i could be wrong.
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    Sump Protector

    What about getting an alloy under tray? would that not help with sump protection>?
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    Thick Sludgey Oil.

    Also heard BD's and EBC's dimpled disc's can crack or warp which is why im glad nige went for grooved :)
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    Cubby hole problem

    Now that i have removed my pocket i have found a small peace of the lid mechanism has come off but im not sure where this goes can any one take a picture of the right hand side of the pocket please. Cheers Rough
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    How to get a new Audi Radio code....

    Should have asked to speak to her manager i know i certainly would have, cheeky bint.
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    cubby hole removal?

    You sir are a legend :)
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    cubby hole removal?

    How do you remove the cubby hole in the center of the dash on a 2003 1.8tqs as mine wont close anymore and i want to fix it. Cheers
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    Black Diamond Group buy?

    Black diamond only supply like for like. if you wanted 330mm disc's they would be drilled to suit a diffrent car eg bmw m3 so wouldnt fit as diffrent pcd. So i couldnt supply any form of guarantee/ warranty.
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    Black Diamond Group buy?

    No mate thats not something i would be happy getting into incase of problems.
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    Black Diamond Group buy?

    Nice one im going there end of june as wel so might see ya :D
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    Black Diamond Group buy?

    When you going to the ring mate?
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    Lightweight/Good looking alloys

    lenso sco2 in bronz? black pro-race 1.2? oz's ect ect ect