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  1. Benji

    Oil!& money saving

    :hi:Has anyone found a cheep place/ website or otherwise to purchase oil for their audi? more specifically QUANTUM LONGLIFE III 5W30 FULLY SYNTHETIC ENGINE OIL? thanks all for the help.
  2. Benji

    Sound systems

    Anyone managed to install their sound system equipment and allow access to the spare wheel?
  3. Benji

    2.0TDi forced air scoop

    do any of them give a performance improvement with a tdi? or is it just sound?
  4. Benji

    19" alloys

    lowered as well? with no rubbing? that looks awsome.
  5. Benji

    19" alloys

    what width and ofset? have you got any pictures, gotta get it sitting right. lol. thanks again
  6. Benji

    19" alloys

    I have a 54 reg 3 door A3. Am about to buy some 19" bbs-gt alloys. has anyone had any experiance with sizes. I really don't want ANY rubbing. should i scale down and use 18's? I don't know sted pattern or ofsets let alone the width of the rim required. Thanks in advance for everyones...
  7. Benji

    Conversion from pre-facelift double grill bumper to facelift S-line bumper

    does anyone know the part numbers for the parts that are listed in the early post so I can order them and get my conversion on the cards. can't wait. thanx guys:blackrs4:
  8. Benji

    Sound systems

    ia there anyone who makes the adaptors for the doors? is it easy to remove the head unit? and are the rear quater speakers difficult to get to on a 3 door model? where is the gap in the bulk head to feed the power into the engine bay? thanks again guys:w00t:
  9. Benji

    Sound systems

    PLEASE HELP:readit: I am about to buy some really sexy speakers to replace the bose ones. then i realised i have no idea how much physical space is in the door cards of an audi a3 8p 3door. was thinking of getting...
  10. Benji

    225 40 18 tyres

    Can some 1 clarify is the 18 in wheels will fit. they are 5 x 112 8J all round And ET43? thanx
  11. Benji

    2005 A3 (8P) Install (3 door) 56K picture warning

    are the speakers running 2ohm making it impossible to put a different headunit in with them? is there a space in the bulk head 4 cables?
  12. Benji

    Regal VF RSS S3 Build Thread..

    wow i like the rays wheels, just below the red bbs, what model are they? and how much? anyone know?
  13. Benji

    Few S3 bits for sale

    yay my log in works again. hello mate, where abouts are you as I am interested in a few bits, alloys/ bumper and pedals. can you pm me pictures. thanx
  14. Benji

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!

    that story makes me seriously angry and it ain't even mine. why should some scummy little S£$T head get some things as nice as your car, I wouldn't think twice in F£$KING them right up. I will hold them? U can hit
  15. Benji

    Lots of S3 bits for sale...

    body work and styling parts? can you list parts. thanks
  16. Benji

    Its ****** cold

    that seems really good, do you know what the ost is fitted for one of their products?
  17. Benji

    Exhausts TDI

    I currently have TDI. I was hoping there was an exhaust that I can get which will make it sound more sportie. I know the back pressure is a lot less than a petrol. just wanted to know if anyone had any luck with this. And which back box's look good? thanks in advance. :rock:
  18. Benji

    twitchy handling HELP PLZ

    I had F1's on my lexus is and as soon as my audi need them i will put them on that. brilliant allrounder and suprising lasted for ages.
  19. Benji

    Sound systems

    don't get me wrong the bose ain't bad. I have just had italian imported amps in the bast out of competition cars and mb quart speakers so quite premium kit. and was hoping for some inspiration to see what others had done.
  20. Benji

    Its ****** cold

    My boss has a 06 plate golf. He has an extra on it within the winterpack that allows him to pre warm the car. no ICY mournings!!!:applaus: what a great bit of kit. doeas anyone know if this can be added to my 54 plate A3? thanx for your help guys.:arco: