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  1. lucaslfc

    S/S downpipe tininess

    how much you pay for that matey?
  2. lucaslfc

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Gotta love a bit of beading like
  3. lucaslfc

    RS7 Plugs

    i put RS7 ones in after i remapped. it was @Rob2k68 who put me on to them, he knows a dude with good price aswel :) cant confirm on that part number though, probs best to ask rob imo.
  4. lucaslfc

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    6hours later. Snow foam.wash. claybar. Washed again. Paint cleanser applied. Then nice layer of alien 51 topped over with layer of nebula showroom wax that stuff is pukka wheels tyres cleaned. Just didnt have it in me for exhaust tips lol. Finish looks great. Would have liked to have borrowed...
  5. lucaslfc

    S3 tuning - beyond "stage 1"

    there alot more experienced modders knockin about for the S3s that will give ya some better info, i just picked all mine up as i went along on here mate picking peeps brains like rob2k, panama, parkins etc they no there s**t like. i went to a place called unicorn motor developments mate, went...
  6. lucaslfc

    S3 doing the impossible

    am more surprised you got 430bhp from an APR stage 1, dont think i have seen any1 one on here with them figures from APR1 where did you get your dyno figures from?
  7. lucaslfc

    S3 tuning - beyond "stage 1"

    i got custom remap, givin the figures am running now at early 400bhp i would say am boarder line stage 2, if not stage 2. i had to upgrade my clutch though as mine is a manual. i also swapped my spark plugs to RS7 ones and also started running millers nanodrive 5w 40+ engine oil, had few other...
  8. lucaslfc

    New Brakes

    so how much all in for the ECS compared to the new setup?
  9. lucaslfc

    My heart is broken

    shi*ttttttttttttt man, this is why i dont down a litre of vod then drive my S3 haha ;)
  10. lucaslfc

    New Brakes

    why the change rob mate? those ECS setup looked bang tidy aswel
  11. lucaslfc


    what about the blackjax system, seems better than ghost??? they drive away get a mile or 2 away if they lucky an booom, car cuts out..
  12. lucaslfc

    Leather seat issue

    noticed the edges of mine cracking slightly tbh, what best leather cleaner go with which will actually clean but protect leather at same time, soo many choices out there like.
  13. lucaslfc

    New Brakes

    what pads are most opting for? am still running standard brake discs an pads that came out factory (12k on clock) even at 400bhp i still find them very efficient! but **** these factory pads give off alot brake dust imo. gona swap me discs for some drilled/slotted brembo, but any ideas on...
  14. lucaslfc

    Insurance renewal time - recommendations

    jeeez makes mine look bad now, mine will be up in couple months an am lookin at about £700(i usually just pay upfront) with esure, 5yrs no claims. but only last month i finally dropped 9points off my license PMSL, was a long 3years that i tell you lol. also declared engine remap and cold air...
  15. lucaslfc

    Tyre Dressing

    i use tin silicone spray lol. works a treat an lasts a while :)
  16. lucaslfc

    Racingline muffler delete kit - opinions please

    naa just do it all at once matey ;)
  17. lucaslfc

    Facelift S3 Delete Resonator YES or NO

    i would be interested to matey :) i sense a biddin war :whistle2:
  18. lucaslfc

    Racingline muffler delete kit - opinions please

    i went with this package off ebay|Cars+Type:S3+quattro&hash=item2388f022f2:g:eek:KQAAOSwVqlaN7Wv makes car sound great, turns heads just from turbo noise...
  19. lucaslfc

    Facelift S3 Delete Resonator YES or NO

    lol i been thinking it for months mate, PMSL. am tempted to get the BCS anti drone one though