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    Navarra Blue - touch up paint

    Ordered a touch up stick in Navarra Blue and dealer informed me Audi don't make one for that colour.
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    S5 S/B Mirror tilt down in reverse

    When in reverse with switch turned to near or offside mirror position, the mirror does not tilt down to the show the kerb. I've tried in Drive to Reverse and nothing changes. I've got the folding mirror option that works fine. Is this something the dealership should have coded at the PDI, or an...
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    S5 auto selector won't go into Park

    Noticed today on my new S5 that the small P switch on the selector you press when parking no longer turns red, but the red P appears on the base R N D/S instead. Does this indicate that the Park function is faulty and the car may run away on a slope so I should apply the electronic handbrake or...
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    S5 S/B order subject to MY 17/18 production delays

    I finally ordered a S5 S/B a week ago having been told back in March if I ordered then they could get me a Wk 21 build slot (end May). Now one month later they are saying because of the MY change at the end of June my order has been given a wk 28 build week. The dealer is trying to do a swap for...
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    S5 spec

    I'm about to order a pre-built S5. Only problem is the only Sportbacks are launch spec which means 56k so the Coupe's are the only choice for stock cars. I got into checking some of the options to use with Head up display as it seems at first glance to be a nice driver aid, they are hugely...
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    Powerflow DP v's the others

    I contacted my local Powerflow agent about getting a quote for their 3inch DP and Sports CAT fitted. Bloke said he needs to see it first before committing and mentioned it might be easier if I bought a DP for him to weld their Sports CAT pipe to. He doesn't fill me full of confindence that he...
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    Longlife Oil 5w-30?

    The oil level on my S3 8L is in the crosshatch area even though its only done 500 mls since full mark when the last owner sold it to me. He used Longlife 5W-30 (VW 507 00) and I found its about 35 pds for 5 ltrs. Can I top it up with the cheaper Longlife 5W-40 (VW 505 00?) which I'm advised is...
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    New To Me S3: Tyres Screeching

    Noticed front tyres screeching when going round round abouts, not even pushing it at all, 45 'ish. Also front tyres and wheels are v. warm after only a 20min run on dual carriageway. TPs reduced to 32 at front from 36. I guess it needs tracking after top mounts changed, but mechanic said not to...
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    Water in seat belt holder?

    I stupidly left the rear windows open last night when we got thunderstorms down south and got wet rear carpets now drying out. No sign of fuel pump covers being disturbed. For some reason the pax side seatbelt is wet when extended and I am wondering how that happened. Drivers side is dry enough...
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    New to me S3: top strut mounts, any advice?

    Any opinions on whether it's best to get both done rather than the one making the clonk when reversing on right hand on lock? it would seem to be a better idea then it's all sorted rather than find it still clonks. What make and are there any heavy duty mount kits available that will last longer?
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    New to me S3: new rear prop shaft coupling

    Got under my S3 on ramps today for techie to have a nose round. He found rear prop shaft coupling is on the way out, rubber is beginning to break up. Ordered one from GSF, not cheap at over 200 quid. Apparently the coupling needs exhaust off to access so a few hours labour.Any comments on this...
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    New to me S3: Battery cover and fixings?

    Hi, Just bought a 2000 S3 8L a week ago and seeing what needs fixing. The battery trim cover is missing and can be sourced via TPS but the LHS support where the bolt attaches has a gaping hole in between the fork where a nut holder should be fitted. Any suggestions what part(s) is missing or has...