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  1. Spinstorm

    Tracking our new RS3?

    Now some of us have our order numbers is there a way to track it without asking Audi chat? I know with my current car I could login and add it and we can track it from there but I can't see that option anymore; and I did see on the tracking thread it says the system is down.
  2. Spinstorm

    New RS3 - Preview Video

    I made a video on the details I picked out on the new RS3 8Y previewed yesterday.
  3. Spinstorm

    New RS3 8Y Design Details

    Today Audi sneak previewed the new RS3 Saloon and Sportback 8Y as you have seen already. I downloaded the full 28MB image and cropped it and added some notes (attached). This is what I saw: Wide front wheel arches with vent behind them (as can be seen on rear of saloon) Wide rear aches...
  4. Spinstorm

    Facelift A4 Facelift Review - YouTube

    I have a YouTube channel about Cars and Tech and made a review on the A4 Facelift Saloon Black Edition model so please check it out! I also have a video on the infotainment system currently being edited which will be out soon! There are videos on different Audi models as well - and depending on...
  5. Spinstorm

    Facelift Servicing & Additional Work Schedule

    I am a bit annoyed here because I have booked my car in for an MOT which is fine; but I was having a look at the servicing schedule and I saw that at 3 years the Haldex system is meant to have an oil change. Now my problem is this: - My car was last serviced at around 48,000 miles going off...
  6. Spinstorm

    Oil Level on Dispstick? Not clear!

    I am a bit stuck checking my oil level of my engine. I have checked the oil level many times before but I am a bit confused this time. When I pull the dipstick out and clean it and put it back in there is NO obvious line. However the area where the markings is has oil on it but not a lot...
  7. Spinstorm

    Facelift Stay Audi or go to Merc/BMW?

    I have a fantastic 2018 RS3 Saloon which I love but I have one left on my PCP this week and it is coming time to think about a change. I have a YouTube channel called Tech in the Car that I started 8 months ago with a somewhat shaky video on the infotainment system on the RS3. Now I have over...
  8. Spinstorm

    Courtesy car slow puncture repair?

    I have had an A4 for about a week while my car is being sorted under warranty and I had a few tyre pressure warning that I reset after looking at the tyres and seeing nothing going on. The warnings would come and go after resetting for a day or so. I just topped up the pressure on the tyre...
  9. Spinstorm

    Facelift Sunroof Service? What!?

    Back at the start of 2019 I had my sunroof replaced under warranty (I am sure there are posts on this in the forum as well). They had my car for over 2 months and I wasn’t happy it took them so long. Eventually after about a month it started making noises again - on this brand new sunroof - I...
  10. Spinstorm

    Personalised plate & original drivable?

    I am driving into central london today and I checked my personalised plate on the TFL site. It says My RS3 is over the ULEZ emissions standard which I am sure is wrong however my original plate isn’t ULEZ chargeable. It seems to me therefore rather than pay extra and have to get a refund...
  11. Spinstorm

    Cars for YouTube Videos

    I started a channel on YouTube called Tech in the Car. I have only been making videos a week - and I had no presence before but I have now had over 1,000 views and I hope to grow more over the coming weeks and months. I would love to make...
  12. Spinstorm

    Video on Tech in the Car on RS3 Tech

    I made a video on YouTube about the tech in my RS3. Would appreciate feedback! I am planning to do a lot more videos on all different cars as well as tech when lockdown is eased.
  13. Spinstorm

    New A3 with fingerprint recognition Just configured a new Audi A3 and it says central locking with fingerprint. I've included screenshots below I don't know if anyone knows what this is about other than the obvious suggestion from the name. Sent from my TAH-N29m using Tapatalk
  14. Spinstorm

    Metal RS4/6 Paddle Shifters

    I have found the new metal paddle shifters online in the US: They will fit the RS3 - maybe someone can find a UK or EU price... but this is a much cooler upgrade than those annoying metal add on bits. Not sure how easy they are to fit. Edit: Part Number...
  15. Spinstorm

    New 2020 A3 - S3 with 333BHP

    Launched today 3rd March 2020 - Looks very interesting. Totally new interior. S3 with 333BHP which makes me wonder if the RS3 may have 444BHP? Just like the old RS4 (but no RS3 announced today).
  16. Spinstorm

    Occasional rough idle?

    I have noticed recently that my car is slightly shaking occasionally when idling and not being driven so it isn't a smooth idle. I don't recall it doing that before. I recently had an Independent change my sparks plugs and I am wondering if its relating to that? However I'm also not sure if...
  17. Spinstorm

    Battery Fault?

    Over the last few days I’ve noticed slightly odd behaviour from my lights - they don’t always turn on when I unlock the car and also the internal light hasn’t been turning on when I open the door. I wasn’t sure what was going on until just now I got a low battery warning come up - never seen...
  18. Spinstorm

    Service Schedule form - Audi USA

    I don’t know if anyone else has posted this - I just found it. Could be useful if not already shared.
  19. Spinstorm

    No 40K service warning?

    My car is currently on 43K miles. I know it’s time for a gearbox and haldex oil change and spark plugs and a few other bits. What I find strange is that they car hasn’t come up and told me it needs a service. This is based on some very late emails from Audi telling me that gearbox oil change...
  20. Spinstorm

    Belt change?

    Having heard of various Audi belts breaking I am wondering when the RS3 needs changing? Also I don’t know which belt I am talking about lol...