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  1. wesmaster

    Fault code 1376!!

    Hi all, haven't posted for ages, but have an issue with a v6 tdi fault code 1376, am I right in assuming it will need a new pump or repair at least? Thanks. Wes.
  2. wesmaster

    Smoke smell

    Hi all, just bought a new car, but previous owner smoked in it. How is best to get rid of manky smoke smell? Cheers. Wes.
  3. wesmaster

    Travelled 3 hours to look a 2.5Tdi Q B6 and.....

    After travelling 3 hours on thurday afternoon to view a 2003 2.5TDI B6 Q Avant which I had seen on internet, After asking seller if there are any problems with car, response was other than the damage to 2 doors (which was visable on pics) the car is ok. So a quick scan and this is what I found...
  4. wesmaster

    Anyone unlocked an iPhone 4s on vodafone?

    as per title, anyone done it themselves successfully ? If so how? Dont want to jailbreak it though. Thanks
  5. wesmaster

    Newly powder coated wheels

    Hi. I have my newly coated wheels in the shed with no tyres on them. What's the best polish or treatment or wax to keep them in good condition? And is it better to detail them before mounting the tyres? Many thanks.
  6. wesmaster

    Front discs warped

    Hi, I have now fitted 3 sets of quality discs and pads to the front if my a6, each time the discs warp within 5000 miles. At first I thought it was the quality of the discs but Pagid are a pretty good. I've obviously checked everything, bearings nice and tight, all upper arms are brand new...
  7. wesmaster

    Best upgrade H7 bulbs?

    Hi, my A6 candles(thats what they seem like!) need an upgrade. I know theres loads on the market. I want to avoid the fake xenons, and cant afford real xenons! What are the best H7 upgrade bulbs?? Thanks
  8. wesmaster

    2.5tdi temperature issues?

    Had thermostat issues, got sorted out less than 12000 miles ago, Now got a strange one. Oil temp goes up to 90-100c. Coolant sometimes goes up as normal sometimes not. Just did a 20 mile journey, and the rad is cold! Heater is hot as it should be. Top hose is hot and bottom hose still cold...
  9. wesmaster

    Wheel colour

    I've got a set of 18" final edition alloys to go on my c5 estate which is light blue metallic. A friend of mine is refurbing them for me at the weekend. My question is silver or darker? Thoughts please...
  10. wesmaster

    cruise control

    Hi, Any of you got factory cruise control? Just wondering, when you turn on (move switch to left) do you get a light on dash telling you its on? Reason is mine works fine, but no light, on all previous VAG I've had there is always been a symbol. My A6 doesnt. Or just bulb gone? Thanks Wes
  11. wesmaster

    Wheel swap?

    Hi, bit of an off chance here. I've got a set of 18" final edition alloys, but I would really like a set of fat fives 18". Don't suppose anyone out there wants to swap with me? Cheers. Wes.
  12. wesmaster

    2.0tdi egr issue

    Hi all, got a bit of an issue with a 2008 170 dsg tdi, had faults with egr, replaced with genuine new one. still has fault:19586/P3130/012592 - EGR System: Regulation Range Exceededit deletes but comes back within 60 seconds. I've tried to carry out egr adaptation, but I cannot change the value...
  13. wesmaster

    How to put a dvd onto itunes? Help

    As per title, need to put a few dvds onto itunes as we have a 4 hour flight. Ive tried to download free converters but they take forever to convert. Is there an easy way? Thanks!
  14. wesmaster

    IOS7 beta version available

    Just installed on My iphone 4S. First impression is a big improvement. Much "smoother"
  15. wesmaster

    2.5 V6 TDI Strange issue after cambelt change

    Hi, this is a strange one, A6 allroad auto in for cambelt/wpump/thermostat, all goes ok. Car comes backwith following fault: every now and again ABS ans Traction light oh and air suspension fault. Cant work it out.... vcds says check faults on other ecus, injection is slightly advanced, I knew...
  16. wesmaster

    2.5 v6 tdi cams

    Hi, probably covered before but is it all engine codes that suffer with the cams wearing? or just certain ones? Mines a AYM, a little concerned! Also, got an oil leak from top of engine, very difficult to see exactly where. Any common leaks? Thanks. Wesmaster
  17. wesmaster

    Roof rails, remove or refit?? opinion wanted

    I am taking my rails off in the summer to have the roof painted, want the general opinion on filling holes or putting back on? I dont know! I will never use the rails, wanted to make the car look a bit smoother and not so "estate". What do you guys think???? Cheers
  18. wesmaster

    A6 with symphony 2 and Audi Ipod adaptor

    Hi, I have been give a Genuine Audi ipod adaptor system for my sym 2, all wired up as per instructions, works fine. Just a bit on the quiet side. Are there any adjustment that can be made to make music louder? (other than turning up volume!) Using iphone BTW. Cheers Wes
  19. wesmaster

    Headlight washer delay

    Hi, does anyone know if I can change the delay for the headlight washers work, at the moment, with the lights on I only have to operate the washers for a little over a second, and the headlights get a squirt. Would like to change it to maybe 5 seconds. Is this possible? Thanks. Wes
  20. wesmaster

    Noise from n/s/f and decat

    Hi all, I've had an annoying noise from the front of my 2001 2.5 tdi for ages. Driving me up the wall, no play in any joints, nothing worn. Was running out of ideas, decided to take glove box out, glad I did! The noise was the fan in its bearing, had axial play. So chuffed to find it! Also...