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  1. Olynth

    Which wheels to go with?

    @S38P Thanks for buying wheels mate. I want to invite you for a launch. Just kidding :haha: "yorganda kene var kopar kopar gene var" :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Olynth

    S3 on The Wet (photos only)

    :blahblah1: We will see :rockwoot:
  3. Olynth

    S3 on The Wet (photos only)

    dont know why, maybe because i wasnt there ? lol Nice shots. Have fun with your ride. I use it as a G meter. It works fine :salute:
  4. Olynth

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Hi S38P. Not bad :slapped: Just kidding :eyebrows: They look awesome.:o.k:
  5. Olynth

    S3 with B7 RS4 brake system

    B7 RS4 calipers(including oem RS4 brackets) B7 RS4 rotors Brake pads Goodridge custom brake lines(this is for fitting the calipers directly to the s3) It's not possible to fit the rotors hat to the s3. you need some machine job and also centering hub ring. These wheels are 18x8 ET45. Also it's...
  6. Olynth

    S3 with B7 RS4 brake system

    Here it is...
  7. Olynth

    RS4 Exhaust set up on S3???

    haha glasgow çok alemsin :yahoo: I installed a program which allows me to open the youtube. wont say the name :p
  8. Olynth

    RS4 Exhaust set up on S3???

    Here you go :
  9. Olynth

    KW Variant 3

    Hi all. I have KW V3's on my S3 and want to ask a question about it. There must be a black plastic ring on the inserts but the technican removed them when installing (dont know why) and then couldnt find. Here are the pics : What is this part for ? and what happens if i wont put it back ...
  10. Olynth

    Post pics of your modded s3's

    wolfbane you really changed my mind. this thing looks great :thumbsup:
  11. Olynth

    Superchipped, before/after Dyno

    :wtf:sorry to hear that.
  12. Olynth

    My S3 with new RS4 brakes...

    i am also wondering too. They look great :drool:
  13. Olynth

    Milltek Jet Pipe or Special??

    special looks better.
  14. Olynth

    Evo + Snow = Fun

    Yes, without any problem.We got Boost and EGT gauges and everything was fine. Evo a.k.a Snow monster :cold:
  15. Olynth

    Evo + Snow = Fun

    Kartalkaya :rockwoot:
  16. Olynth

    Big brakes for my S3

    So Andy whats your plan ? Will you go with the RS4's ?
  17. Olynth

    Bilstein or KW ?

    happy to hear that mate. thanks for sharing.
  18. Olynth

    Big brakes for my S3

    this kit looks great and the price too. 355mm 4 pot brembo is expensive than this kit. 8pot 365mm:yum:
  19. Olynth

    What do A3 owners do?

    University student. Studying for interior design.