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  1. ilim

    Time to say Bye bye to the s3.

    Just put down a deposit for a Full Kitted s3 8v S Tronic in Daytona Grey. It will be sad to see my stage 3 s3 go. Its such a fun car to drive, the power and the shock of peoples faces when they hear her. Thanks to all 8P Geniuses for their help. If anyones is looking for parts with low...
  2. ilim

    SRI rest

    I have been trying to do a Sri Rest with VCDS but it does not turn the reminder off. I have tried the SRI button, no luck and then Instruments, adaptations, Ch 02- new Value 0 and still no hope. Is there something I'm doing wrong?Thanks folks
  3. ilim

    Rs3 Diffuser fit s3 bumper?

    As the title says. Will the rs3 rear Diffuser fit the s3 bumper? Ilim
  4. ilim

    stage 3 strip out.

    As the car is stage 3 now. I was thinking about removing the back seats and getting some buckets put in and make it a semi-track car. Has anyone done this that can give me some guide lines etc and preferably some photos aswell. Much appreciated ilim
  5. ilim

    Sell for a q7?

    Might be time to sell the stage 2 s3 for a bit more eco S-line Plus fully kitted out New q7. Im hoping someone will convince me not to on here and tell me that its wrong. Im doing around 70miles per-day so fuel is "a lot" Whats peoples thoughts on a 3ltr v6 245 q7? Ilim
  6. ilim

    Car's broken :-(

    I have a slight problem! Ive noticed that my car is very rough on idil. It seems like the engine is going to stall but it doesnt. I've ran VCDS and its coming up with Lambda sensor malfunction, sensor 1 upper limit exceeded, Oxygen Lambda sensor : Reference Voltage / No Signal /...
  7. ilim

    wheel alignment

    Alright peps, need some advice. After getting my clutch in, the alignment had gone off. I looked around and found a setup that is for track. These are Front -2.5/-3 Rear -2/-2.5 Will this be a good setup for day driving???
  8. ilim

    RS BBK

    Just purchased a mint set of TTRS/RS3 BBK... Apart from the carriers what else needs to be changed to support this kit? Ilim
  9. ilim

    Loba Stage 2 clutch or Stage 3 paddle Clutch

    Its time to get modding again and need some advice what will be better. I do drive the car hard and planning on going shark st 3... Which one is more durable? Thanks folks Ilim
  10. ilim

    Oh yeah.. This video made me fall in love with my car evenMore

    This video made me fall in love with my car even more Miltek Non-Res Decat. Audi S3. - YouTube Fast forward to about 0.53s to get to the best part. The speed limit wasnt exceeded and sorry for the commentary.. 15 yr old cousin. :-)
  11. ilim

    Laser Star Pro

    Whats people thoughts on this? Worth the money for a potential stage 3 s3 in few weeks. ??? Snooper Laser Star -Official UK Dealer
  12. ilim

    Error codes

    I thought I would do a random error read with the shark Sts and I've got the following P0139 P1114 P0140 I did an DTC delete and it hasn't come back. I have a Full decat non res miltek. Could these error codes be related to the exhaust. Ilim
  13. ilim

    Keyless Start up

    has anyone installed a keyless start up system on any 8P2's. Was thinking the kit from the RS4 might work, if coding and installation was done professionally. Im sure there is a few Geniuses on here that would know the answer to this? Ilim
  14. ilim

    S3 front fenders

    Is there a guide in how to remove the front fenders on the s3.. Ilim
  15. ilim

    Creaking noise from front end

    I've recently been getting a creaking/squeaking noise from the front end of the car when going over speed bumps. This only happens at speed bumps. Sounds like its might be coming from the top of the strut on both sides. The car is lowered on H&R springs and has H&R front and rear ARBs. Has...
  16. ilim

    Merry Christmas. Look what i found

    Check out the following video. The new S3 300bhp video. 2013 Audi S3: Die 3. Generation - YouTube 2013 Audi S3 (300hp) - In Detail (1080p FULL HD) - YouTube ENJOY
  17. ilim

    Non-res non-cat miltek

    Quick question, will a non-res cat deleted miltek throw up error codes on a shark stage 1 or can I get shark to ulter the stage 1 map? Ilim
  18. ilim

    Whats needed for Shark Stage 3

    Right peeps, ive decided to go shark stage 3 in the next few weeks and will be purchasing the following parts: Miltek Non-res de-cat TBE Loba-Sachs cluth kit Loba HPFP & ITG CAI Im just wondering what other parts i will need to make the engine comfortable with these performance mods. I...
  19. ilim

    Strange noise from lower engine!

    I've noticed a strange noise coming from the bottom of the engine, sounds like thudding, but this only happens when on cold start ups. I have checked the oil and it was below half and filled it up (on my sloping drive way) so I have a slightly over the max. Is this just a common noise. There is...
  20. ilim


    What have i done, tried to reset the headlights level due to lowering and pressed something wrong and this came up 393989 - Headlight C107E 54 [137] - No or Incorrect Basic Setting / Adaptation Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00000001...