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  1. L80EWY

    Anyone use Carbon Collective..

    Just used there Sample box and I love the stuff, but don’t know wether to go ahead and buy the full works... Over £220 of stuff in my basket on the website [emoji850] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. L80EWY

    Coilovers and Spacers on 19” Rotors (B8.5)

    Is anyone Running coilovers and spacers on the 19” Rotors? Just want ideas on how far out I can go with it down around 50mm. I’m looking at ST x Coilovers by KW, then not sure which spacers yet.. PFI Needs a serious drop.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. L80EWY

    Help Please 3.0TDi Discs and Pads

    Going to need a new set all around discs and pads soon as I’ve got quite a lip on my discs. Does anyone have any recommendations ? Don’t really want to break the bank, I’ve been looking at Mtec ones after a bit googling.... Also how do I know wether I have 320mm or 345mm discs on the front or...
  4. L80EWY

    Help Please A4 B8.5 Black Honeycomb Grill (RS4 Style)

    Trying to Find the best Quality one in the UK, seen a lot on American Sites but a bit weary of some of them on ebay. This is the one I’m looking at so far It’s to fit a 2014 S-Line front Bumper Like this but withthe Reg Holder Anyone who can help please...
  5. L80EWY

    A4 B8.5 Black Honeycomb (RS4) Style Grill

    Trying to Find the best Quality one in the UK, seen a lot on American Sites but a bit weary of some of them on EBay. It’s to fit a 2014 S-Line front Bumper Like this but with the Reg Holder Anyone who can help please...
  6. L80EWY

    Wing Mirror LED Replacement

    Started getting a warning for "Left turn signal bulb", noticed my wing mirror has condensation in it and the bulbs aren't as bright but still work. Does anyone have a guide to replace the LED strip? Also a part number for the strip would be handy. Thanks
  7. L80EWY

    3.0TDI (245Ps) Remap

    Does anyone have any recommendations for Remaps of the 3.0TDI (245) S tronic in the North east? I'm also looking at S-Tronic remaps too as well as having it Rolling Roaded not just a generic remap. I'm looking at the Performance Centre in Sunderland as they have a 4wd Dyno.. Thanks!
  8. L80EWY

    What's this part?

    Can anyone tell me what this hose is called that's split? and a part number please
  9. L80EWY

    Shorter drop links?

    Sorry if this has been answered but I can't find an answer, I'm after some shorter or adjustable drop links. Can only find ones for the 8L or would these work on the 8P? Search on tapatalk is **** before anyone bites my head off. Thanks
  10. L80EWY

    Problems with Xenons

    Well I'm in the middle of doing an 8P1 to 8P2 facelift and I bought a set of single xenon headlights off Ebay. I haggled and got them a lot cheaper than they were advertised so the seller sold me them out of eBay (probably a stupid idea for me) The problem is I've got the lights and on one...
  11. L80EWY

    BMW 320d M Sport

    Been thinking about trading in the A3 2.0tdi for one of these...anyone got any experience with them ? Would be looking at around a 2007ish model
  12. L80EWY

    Pressed Plates

    Just been pulled for my normal reg plate but with no spacing so I'm thinking about getting the dubmiester pressed ones, has anyone got any pictures of pressed ones on there A3 please?
  13. L80EWY


    ..Is ready to download! Feel like a kid at christmas :happy:
  14. L80EWY

    Is this a xenon headlight?

    Is this a xenon headlight or bi-xenon? For some reason I'm thinking it's bi-xenon ? Can you tell by the look of them
  15. L80EWY

    Struggling to start..battery?

    Been having a bit bother with my 2004 2.0tdi starting. Its been struggling to start every so often and the battery has died and I've had to bump start it once. So I took it to my local motorshop and they checked the battery and said it was fine and holding charge and they also checked the...
  16. L80EWY

    Locking Wheel Nut Keys...

    Had a burst tyre the other day so quickly stopped in a petrol station and put my space saver on, just been to get a new tyre today to find ive lost the locking wheel nut key. Must have left it at the petrol station but couldnt find it when i went back. Anyone know how much the keys are from...
  17. L80EWY

    Scirocco alloys on A3..?

    Wanting to know if anyone's put the scirocco alloys on an a3 or if anyone's seen a picture of it done? I'm thinking they'd look quite good but wana see what it'd look like first. Thanks
  18. L80EWY

    AP Coilovers Anyone?

    Has anyone got a set of AP Coilovers, Ive just bought a set from Venom off ebay.. these ones..AP Coilovers - Audi A3 (8P) 2.0TDi/2.0TFSi (55mm Strut) on eBay (end time 09-May-11 11:39:05 BST) I got the backs fitted fine, but now ive come to the fronts and this is what ive been faced with...
  19. L80EWY


    Could anyone tell me if the Coilovers from my 2.0tdi 8P A3 would fit onto an 2.0tdi B7 A4? They are 55mm Diameter struts..
  20. L80EWY


    Hi having a little problem here, my rear bulbs went so i changed them both to new ones then one of them has just went basically an hour after i fitted it. Then today my airbag light has come on, anyone ever heard of this happening before? Any ideas would be great thanks.