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    S3 engine failure ...

    Again , good luck with that. I'm still having trouble with mine 11 weeks into the dispute. I posted some contacts that may be of some use in a previous thread - hope you have more luck
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    Audi UK dispute - where do I stand?

    Good Luck with that Hazelwood. I am about to take one of my local dealerships to court since they seem to have failed to diagnose a problem that I reported to them 3 times whilst under warranty. I then sent it to another dealership after the warranty expired and got them to have a look...
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    Pictures of my damaged engine

    I expected it to be included too but surprise surprise my dealer told me it was extra. if it is then result, if not i suppose its no big deal compared to the cost of the engine.
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    Pictures of my damaged engine

    Excellent news MCD! The other thing you might want to consider replacing is the water pump as these have a tendency to go at 60-80k and for about £25 it seems daft not to. I'll be getting a dealer to do mine along with the cambelt and tensioners when/if mine ever gets resolved. meanwhile -...
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    Pictures of my damaged engine

    Good luck with that, I am currently in dispute with a dealership and Head office as I need a new engine which would appear to be a result of the dealership failing to rectify a fault I sent it in with 3 times. Each of those 3 times it was under warranty. 3 months after the warranty expired...
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    Help Needed People. Having a nighmare.

    Don't want to worry you but mine is in at the moment - had white smoke, only a little bit to start with but the dealer was unable to diagnose a problem. 8 months later (i.e. now) my coolant consumption has suddenly rocketed. Booked it in to be looked at and voila - cracked head, been burning...
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    S3 Boot needed...

    Mine went too a few months back - called out Audi Assist. A very helpful guy came out - managed to get it shut for the night then he arranged to pick up a replacement from the dealer and come to work to replace it for me. Next morning he called to say he had the part and he'd come to fit it...
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    S3 third gear problem

    had exactly the same problem and it would seem it's quite common on A/S3s and golfs. Mentioned it when mine went in for service and they just adjusted one of the gearbox cables - problem solved.
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    LED sidelights

    Not had any mention of my car thinking a bulb had blown using the twin LEDs from PIAA. That said, I can see how it might.
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    My S3XY (S3 in Norway)

    R88per - very distracting it Who is it though?
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    What headlight bulbs??

    Got my bulbs through mail order. PIAA's website has a list of all the bulbs, prices, and where to get them from. The sidelights were about £17 per pair of white-white (white-white because there are 2 leds per side and they also come in red, white, and blue combinations) PIAA Bulbs...
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    What headlight bulbs??

    and another, and yes those are red interior lights
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    What headlight bulbs??

    I am using PIAA xtreme white plus bulbs for mainbeam. They are whiter than standard but not massively so. There are more bulbs in the range that go whiter/bluer. Will try and take some decent photos of them. Attempted to last night but they were a bit useless. Did get some of my sidelights...
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    MOVED: Wycombe Meet - Tuesday 15th June

    audimeet-ML-75572-ML- Meets Forum
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    Xenon's (again)

    Phil65, where did you get yours done?
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    Where do the re-circs dv's dump back into?

    spark plugs eh? how about some of these puppies? - iridium plugs
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    S3 Thought's....

    Got to agree with most of what has been said, definately avoid RAC windscreens, muppetts fitted the wrong screen to mine, as David R says - the shade bar is all wrong. It also turns out that there is some sort of amplifier in the boot - not speaker related but aerial related, it is inside the...
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    [ QUOTE ] audi girl said: Optimax, averages about 240-270 miles/tank pretty consistently. [/ QUOTE ] Ditto, and I only use optimax, even if its a bit of a drive to get to, as Rich A3T will testify
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    How are number plates fixed to the bumpers?

    comdw, you can get some really strong stuff from A1 up at cox green. only problem is if you don't get it straight first time.