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  1. audi-tk

    lights not turning off!!! :@

    hello guys wonder if you might have a clue!. when i switch off my engine and my lights. the light symbol on the dashboard still illuminates! and just doesnt turn off! even left the battery disconnected for a bit but the lights still stay on! (oviously side lights only and rear lights when key...
  2. audi-tk

    coloivers gone lower?

    had my coilovers on for nearly a year and on the rear one side has gone lower / confused im guessing the shock could be knacered. or could it just adjust itself over time? really annoyed as it being lower on the left hand side it has caused my wheel to scrape on the arch!! litteraly RIM to ARCH :(
  3. audi-tk

    audi a3 1.6 engine bay pic 1998

    hi can somw1 post pics up of a standard engne bay please as i think im missing a cover(s) as it looks empty compared to others cheers
  4. audi-tk

    Diamond cut/machine polished wheels scratched :(

    Doubt there's a fix but because I have stretched tyres. I've hit a speed bump hard on way off and the rim scraped across the top off the arch!! Now the lip is scratched all the way round!!!! :( it's like gone White from where the top layer had come off!! Any cure for this?! Polish or buff of...
  5. audi-tk

    throttle body,coilpack or sparks? need help from a clued up person

    hi all my mates vw bora 1.6 is having starting up/running issues. the car does not want to fire up and the throttle body vlave does not fully turn when you look at it. so decided to replace the throttle body but still same problem. also smoke coming from the throttle body.. could it be coilpack...
  6. audi-tk

    Maf faulty?

    Unpluged the maf sensor while running but no change in engine tone or running quality! Could this maf be faulty? Cheers
  7. audi-tk

    TT arb noise!?

    Just fitted the TT arb and I don't know if it's that as I've fitted new poly dog mount n new top mount but there's a deep ping noise when I turn on uneven ground. Any one know what this is or had similar noise. I'm using standard a3 droplinks and bushes.... Very deep ping sound when I reverse too
  8. audi-tk

    PCD adapters

    ive brought a set of 5x112 alloys and need adapters. ive seen a set for around 160 which are fk ones. was wondering does it wear the bearings out along quicker? cause any damage? they are only 15mm anyway so are they ok to use. anyone used pcd adapters before
  9. audi-tk

    width arch tyre HELP!! ARCH WIDENING?

    just brought a set of alloys and need advice or pics if anyboody actually has any. 19 inch alloys with tyre size 215 35 on a 8.5 wide wheel with an offset of 45. im going to be using a pcd adapter which is minimum 15mm which will bring the et to 30. how far would the wheel poke out the arch...
  10. audi-tk

    where to buy decent alloys

    just sold my alloys and looking for a new set just wndering what online sites u guys use. i would like a set of 933 turbo replicas but my place cant get hold of them in 18.s anyone help :)
  11. audi-tk

    audi a3 1.8t

    next door neaighbour selling a silver 1.8t with 150,000 miles . leathers ,16's thinks its 2001. for 1100pounds. is that a good price or just normal price
  12. audi-tk

    steelie 5x100 i can use in bedfordshire area?

    hi wondering if anyone could let me borow some steelie alloys in my area or around? oviolusy will pay you somthing. reason is that im selling my alloys and have nothing to put on now :(
  13. audi-tk

    OHHHH MYYYY GOOOODDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! :@ :@

    IM SUCH AN IDIOT!!!!!!! LEFT MY TROLLEY JACK AND AXLE STAND IN FRONT OF THE CAR AND FORGOT!!! AND I DROVE OVER IT AND SMASHED THE SUMP OPPEN!!! SUCH AN IDIOT LOL. how much would a new sump be roughly guys for a 1998 1.6 sport engine?? thanks
  14. audi-tk

    What oil

    Hi guys just wondering what oil I need for. My 1998 1.6 a3 100.'000 miles. I'm using 15/40 part synthetic as that's what halfords told me hmmmmm
  15. audi-tk

    removing front arch liners

    few questions. im lowering car tomorow but the tyre will sit on the arch liner.was thinking to fully remove it. will this affect anything that the liner protects and has anyone removed theirs?
  16. audi-tk

    Strange clutch issue!

    Evening people had a strange moment with clutch earlier. Started the car up put my foot down on clutch and it felt slightly different from usual , had it all the way down and tryed changing gears but NO! Would go into any gear! So I turned of the engine and started sweating lol. Started the...
  17. audi-tk

    ebay spacer kit advice

    seen this kit but im unsure on it. will any 5x112 alloys fit on it. ie merc ,newer vw or audi alloys? as it dont state bore size? any help appreciated. look a tad cheap but wheel options would be so much more if any 5x112 alloys fit on these. anyone used this kit? cheers 4 PCD Wheels Adapters...
  18. audi-tk

    how mint are these alloys :)

    would of snapped these if they wee 5x100 link here---- Wheels & Tyres : AUDI 18" ALLOYS
  19. audi-tk

    Braking noise problem :s

    Starting to get a noise from the front end of car when I put the brake pedal down slowly or fast. It's like metal to metal hitting sound. Brakes had been changes bout 2 months ago .there very squeaky though.not sure if that's got anything to do with. Really annoying and doesn't sound safe...
  20. audi-tk

    anyone fancy a alloy swap :P

    getting bored of my alloys now just wondering if anyone up for a swap :P they 18's with 225,40 tyres. i quite fancy the older style rs4 alloys in 19.s mmm