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  1. Compkiler

    500bhp S3 questions

    Hi guys im baaaaack after a few years lol... Anyhow, thinking about buying another S3 and was toying with the idea of getting her to 500bhp with the Revo power pack and performance pack. Has anyone here done this and if so any tips and also issues you have come across? How's the...
  2. Compkiler

    Please posts some pics here of your ride height with Bilstein B14s

    Need to get some ideas as mines rubbing atm when someone is in the back and its a bit crashy all the time! Ta
  3. Compkiler

    Uprated suspension help please. B14 Coilovers

    Hey lads/lasses, I have Bilstein B14's on at present and my car is quite low. She looks and sits lovely but is very crashy in all fairness. On smooth roads she's fine, rough roads I'm panicking and can't drive spiritedly at all on rough B roads.... If I have an adult in the back, and go over...
  4. Compkiler

    how much would a stage 2+ be worth in fantastic condition?

    Guys, looks like a change in circumstances ATM so thinking about selling my very loved S3 :-( She's in great condition but wondering how much I would get for her. I know how much I would like but I have to be realistic. I'm not one for taking all the bits off her as she's perfect the way she...
  5. Compkiler

    Decisions on wether to buy an S6 or not?

    I have an Audi S3 in fantastic condition but was contemplating a change? I have had her around 17 months and have spent a small fortune on her tbh. The car is running 370bhp and 400lbs and is all safe due to the hardware she has got attached to her. She has an APR map on her and is running...
  6. Compkiler

    Silver S3 playing with an RS4 coming from AITP

    Who was it then i followed onto the slip road going onto the A45 just 2 minutes from AITP? lol I was in the Silver S3 behind you ;-) Your car sounded amazing but i wasnt gona let you tear off without a fight ;-0) Shame about the traffic! You would have left earlyish, maybe around 3pm?
  7. Compkiler

    APR upgrades are out now!

    I've just gone off the phone with APR and they want to try and gauge an interest in how many would be wanting the 2 new addons which APR have now brought out in the states! 1. Launch control for manual transmission! 2. Flat shifting for manual transmission! If your interested in any of these...
  8. Compkiler

    APR brings some new goodies to the table!

    What ya reckon lads? It's out in the states ATM so hopefully it will be with us here soon! Fingers crossed APR stick to there guns and all updates/upgrades are still free!
  9. Compkiler


    Ok as my new wheels have arrived, I now know my current tyres won't fit so I'm gonna have to buy some more :-( I'm gonna go for some mid range tyres... I have 2 month old Eagle F1s on my standard wheels so I'll put these wheels back on in winter! So... I've been told I have 3 options... Toyo...
  10. Compkiler

    Renault 5 Turbo

    If they started to make them again, I'd have one tomorrow! I've never had a faster car to 60 and it was brutal the way it put you back in the bucket seats! Mine had a hybrid turbo though! I bought her when I was 20yrs old and she was immaculate! Used to polished her every weekend! Mine was the...
  11. Compkiler

    Anyone here good with photoshop?

    Hi lads & lasses, I'm just after 2 photos if possible to be changed in Photoshop to show a set of wheels off if possible. If I had photoshop I would try myself but I don't unfortunately. The pics are of two sets of wheels. I have a pic of someone else's car in blue which would need to be made...
  12. Compkiler

    Not sure on which alloys yo get?

    Hey lads, not sure on these wheels but I have heard there good performance wheels due to how light they are! If I were too go for these wheels, what color do you think would suit my S3? The wheels are the Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2 wheels. Also not sure on what pcd is? They do several colors...
  13. Compkiler

    RS3 test driven...

    Well, as the title sais, I've just been for a test drive in the new RS3! First thoughts as it pulled up for me to get inside were wow... What a sound track! Sounded great idling and when he revved it up. So I got in took her out and immediately noticed the turbo lag. Once going she's fast and...
  14. Compkiler

    Anyone going to Santapod on the 4th July?

    Just wondered if anyone on here is going to Santapod on the 4th July ? The 5th July is Jap day so hopefully we can race a few supras and skylines on the strip on the 4th as I'm sure many jap cars will come over for the weekend :-) The 4th is run what ya brung! I know many will be going to GTi...
  15. Compkiler

    Another modding day today :-)

    H&R anti roll bars going on this morning as well as new performance brake pads :-) (mine are at 10%) Looking forward to having a little play later (safely) Happy days!
  16. Compkiler

    Santapod 4th July

    hey lads, just wondered if anyone here was heading to santapod? Would be great to get a few cars from here going! Maybe show side by side performance stuff with regards to different maps, ie. Stage 1 vs stock, stage 2+ apr vs stage 2+ Revo, Revo stage 2 manual, vs Revo stage 2 dsg for...
  17. Compkiler

    H&R arbs

    Hey lads, just ordered me some arbs so was just wondering what settings they work best on? Hopefully this is that last mod I'll be doing to my car apart from regular detailing and regular maintenance/services! Thankfully I now have a super fast car which is comfy, family friendly with a nice...
  18. Compkiler

    Stability when driving fast....

    Hi lads, I'm not sure what everyone else's S3 is like when driving fast but when I'm doing say over 120mph, the car doesn't feel very sure footed at all really? The power is there that's for sure but the stability and lightness is evident. As I overtook a car earlier, the car kind of leaned...
  19. Compkiler

    Info on a new (used) S4 please :-)

    Hey lads, any info on if this is a good buy or not? Seems very nice and has already been remapped so would save me some cash! Any info on the garage or whether or not she may be a lemon? Ta muchly :-)...
  20. Compkiler

    Tyres and wheels help please.

    Hey lads, i have a few questions with regards wheel sizes and tyre sizes to suit. Could you PM me please if you know a lot on this subject and about stretching tyres plz :-) I havent a clue so need some advice ;-)