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  1. Stonefish

    Clunk through steering wheel

    Hello, I've noticed that I can feel a slight clunk through the steering wheel when I pull away from rest. I notice it most when I'm in traffic and pull away slowly. I can't seem to hear any noise. Dose anyone have an idea of what could be causing it? Thanks.
  2. Stonefish

    Servotronic issue

    Hello, I think I have an issue with my servotronic steering because the steering is light all the time and doesn't stiffen up as I speed up like it used to. Does anyone know what might cause this? Thanks.
  3. Stonefish

    Can you identify what this is?

    Hello, Can anyone identify what this is on the inlet manifold of my CCWA 3.0TDi engine? I've bought a snakecam/boroscope and hope it might be an inspection hole to allow me to see the swirl flaps. Cheers.
  4. Stonefish

    EGR error

    Hello, I've just noticed this error on a VCDS scan: 1 Fault Found: 4807 - EGR System P0401 00 [096] -Insufficient Flow Intermittent - Not Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 00000001 Fault Priority: 2 Fault Frequency: 1 Mileage: 155571 km Date: 2016.06.18 Time...
  5. Stonefish

    Lower ball joint- DIY job?

    Hello, On my MOT I had an advisory about my passenger side lower ball joint having very slight play. Probably due to all the pot holes on my drive to work. Is this a job that I could do myself? I've seen some videos which need the drive shaft popping out of the hub. Don't fancy that. Lastly...
  6. Stonefish

    Haynes Manual available (for some)

    Hello, Just noticed a new Haynes manual available for the B8. Unfortunately only available for the 2.0 litre diesel. No good for me :-(
  7. Stonefish

    DAB+ UK here

    Hello, I've just noticed a few new channels on my DAB screen on my MMI under the SDL directory which correspond to some test transmissions for a few DAB+ channels which apparently go live on Tuesday 1st March. It is good to know that the exiting radio can handle these DAB+ channels. Absolute...
  8. Stonefish

    AMI power down time

    Hello, Does the AMI power down on a timer after the ignition is turned off or the key is removed? Also, can I change the timing in on/off menu in the green engineering menu? I've got my router connected to it and I don't want it draining the battery too much. Thanks.
  9. Stonefish

    Key fob failure!!

    Hello, Had a minor panic tonight as I left work. Rushing to get out of the car park, I pressed the key fob and nowt happened. Curses!! Thought I'd use the key in the fob. Doors unlocked OK and I thought result. But when I opened the door the alarm went off. Curses2! When the alarm finally...
  10. Stonefish

    Project Touchscreen

    Hello, I've been messing about trying to get a Nexus 7 tablet to replace my MMI screen and have finally got it plumbed in. It uses an aftermarket rear seat entertainment unit to get the info from the original MMI screen on to the tablet and I've connected the audio through the AMI. Still lots...
  11. Stonefish

    Fuse boxes

    Hello, Can anyone tell which colour fuse box an ACC labelled power lead for a multimedia interface be connect to? I believe Brown = permanent, Red = switched, Black= powered when ignition is on???? Cheers, Lee.
  12. Stonefish

    Crazy DAB problem

    Hello, I am having issues with my DAB where it loses signal. I've checked the antenna amp and cables which seem OK. I suspect the suppressor that connects to the heated rear screen, but don't know what effect it would have. Using the engineering menu->Radio->DAB->QualityInfo section I can see...
  13. Stonefish

    Crash bang wollop!! Advice please

    Hello, I was waiting at some traffic lights on my way home when a minibus drove into the back of me. Doesn't look too major from the first inspection, but this my first accident so I don't really know what to I should do. I took some pictures of the accident and have got the details of the...
  14. Stonefish

    MMI 3G High Retrofit- Done

    Hello, I have finally got my concert to MMI 3G High retrofit installed and component protection removed. It took longer than I planned due to the fact I cocked up my home built LVDS cable (main unit to display) and spent weeks troubleshooting before giving up for a bit as I thought my main...
  15. Stonefish

    MMI 3G High screen surround

    Hello, After a lot of phaffing around I have finally got my concert to MMI 3G high retrofit installed and running. The last thing I needed to do was to get a different screen surround for the new 7inch HD screen. As I was struggling to find an A4 version on eBay I decided to splash out on a new...
  16. Stonefish

    Tyre pressure confusion

    Hello, I checked the pressures on my 245/40R18 tyres yesterday and set them to the Audi recommended pressures from the drivers door at 41 PSI front, 36 PSI rear. This is for the lowest weight three people. I decided to check a few websites to see what pressures they recommended and got the...
  17. Stonefish

    Diversity box

    Hello, I have a late 2008 B8 and am replacing the concert radio. Does my car have a separate diversity module like earlier A4's and if so where is it? Thanks, Lee.
  18. Stonefish

    Component Protection - Independent specialists

    Hi, Does anyone know of any Independent Audi specialists in Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex area that can do component protection removal? I know of one in London but it's a bit of a hike. I don't really want to go to my local Audi dealers if I can help it. Cheers, Lee.
  19. Stonefish

    Parts Price please

    Hello, could you give me a price for the following bits for an MMI 3G retrofit for an A4 8K? 8T0907368A (radio mount), 4F0907101A (Amplifier mount) might need a 8K0858969 (main unit mounting bracket). Cheers, Lee.
  20. Stonefish

    Dodgy heaters

    Hello, last week a woman at my works had her heater "explode" while she was driving home. The force was strong enough to blow off the trim on the passengers side footwell. Has anyone heard of this happening before? Her car is a 2012 Tdi.