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  1. audi-tk

    lights not turning off!!! :@

    cheers mate! tryed to pull it out but its not even coming out otherwise i would have tryed to switch it off manually once its out :( not budging at all :( :(
  2. audi-tk

    lights not turning off!!! :@

    hello guys wonder if you might have a clue!. when i switch off my engine and my lights. the light symbol on the dashboard still illuminates! and just doesnt turn off! even left the battery disconnected for a bit but the lights still stay on! (oviously side lights only and rear lights when key...
  3. audi-tk

    19" Rims for my S3

    well at le3ast you know no1 else will have them lol. will need space3rs for front..
  4. audi-tk

    Bargain Scrappy parts...

    There's a yellow s3 rear bumper at my scrappy for £15 but it got a crack in it. Was tempted lol
  5. audi-tk

    Wheels best suited to 8l's?

    To me has to be 19 but no everyone's taste
  6. audi-tk

    coloivers gone lower?

    do i adjust using that couiolver tool provided with the set?
  7. audi-tk

    coloivers gone lower?

    will have a go guys. thanks will update if anything lol
  8. audi-tk

    diy wheel refurb

    think paint is cheaper?
  9. audi-tk

    diy wheel refurb

    much roof wouldnt look too bad
  10. audi-tk

    8p 8l exhaust

    MAKE it fit. be well cool
  11. audi-tk

    coloivers gone lower?

    not aure will have to get it checked out ! mor emoney grrr
  12. audi-tk

    coloivers gone lower?

    so annoyed spent a thousand on wheels with a stretch and the rim has hit the arch on the lower side. the normal side how ever is ok with people in it! what is best to do mate? dont even knwo how to adjust them :(
  13. audi-tk

    coloivers gone lower?

    had my coilovers on for nearly a year and on the rear one side has gone lower / confused im guessing the shock could be knacered. or could it just adjust itself over time? really annoyed as it being lower on the left hand side it has caused my wheel to scrape on the arch!! litteraly RIM to ARCH :(
  14. audi-tk

    Will they fit?

    probably a 15mm spacer mate and rings as mentioned above
  15. audi-tk

    audi a3 1.6 engine bay pic 1998

    hi can somw1 post pics up of a standard engne bay please as i think im missing a cover(s) as it looks empty compared to others cheers
  16. audi-tk

    How much approx for Alloy referb?

    I'm after a refurb for my 19 inch machine polished alloys. I'm guessing it's gonna be evil prices but it's 130 a wheel for me to buy brand new.... There's a place called viking repsprays near me that done 4 18 rs4 alloys for 120
  17. audi-tk

    Bring back Flat Eric :)

    love it lol
  18. audi-tk

    TT arb noise!?

    NOISE FIXED. the tracking was badly out. got it laser alighned and now the noise has not come back. very strange...
  19. audi-tk

    Audi A3 – S3 Bumper Conversion Parts & Part Numbers

    id love to do just the rear arches rear and front bumpers only. get sum mad spacers ont he back would look mean!
  20. audi-tk

    Dare Alloys

    surprisingly they are doing good wheels now adays i had these but sold them as they wernt even my taste ,dont even know why i had briught them.they looked mint still and good finish etc