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  1. Olynth

    S3 with B7 RS4 brake system

    Here it is...
  2. Olynth

    KW Variant 3

    Hi all. I have KW V3's on my S3 and want to ask a question about it. There must be a black plastic ring on the inserts but the technican removed them when installing (dont know why) and then couldnt find. Here are the pics : What is this part for ? and what happens if i wont put it back ...
  3. Olynth

    Bilstein or KW ?

    We are looking for a suspension system for S3. But dont know which one is better and need some advice. Bilstein PSS(not pss9) or KW Variant 1 Thanks
  4. Olynth

    Part Number

    I need the part number of S3 8p front suspension uprights. How can i find it. Thanks
  5. Olynth

    What's your advice ?(S3 Exhaust)

    Hi guys. I am looking for an exhaust system. This is my daily drive car and dont want to get trouble with the cops :angrymod: So whats your advice ?
  6. Olynth

    Some nice Youtube videos

    New Subaru Impreza STI Commercial
  7. Olynth

    Evo + Snow = Fun

    It was wonderful :racer: