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  1. downtothebone

    Anyone using an aftermarket steering lock?

    As the title says ... and which one? Thx.
  2. downtothebone

    Autoglym Magma

    Anyone used this iron deposit remover on wheels and paint work?
  3. downtothebone

    Front wheel bearing OE manufacturers

    Looking for a new ns front wheel bearing hub - I see there are a few manufacturers out there - Meyle, Febi and FAG. Are any of these OEM for VAG? FAG are listed on carparts4less ... Thx.
  4. downtothebone

    Bolt length for 10mm spacers

    So I swapped out my front spacers from 8mm to 10mm - the bolts were 35mm do I need longer ones? I have looked online but cannot are anything 37mm only 40mm as the next length up ... Thx.
  5. downtothebone

    Wheel bearing housing part number

    All, Anyone know the part number for item 12 shown here? A3 2011 sline...
  6. downtothebone

    Denso Iridium Plugs IK22 after 6 months

    How do these look? Mainly very short journeys and I'm on Stage 2 APR. Shell V Nitro 99 RON.
  7. downtothebone

    Lights behind exterior door handle

    Saw these on the neighbours Merc - anyone tried fitting here. Would they plumb in to the door puddle lights or the footwells as I’m not sure if the door lights only come on when the door is opened ... would want them to work just like the footwells.
  8. downtothebone

    Wheel Alignment in SW London or Nth Surrey

    Any recommendations for a full laser alignment service?
  9. downtothebone

    Dogbone pendulum mounts - APR, ECS, 034 MSport

    Anyone fitted one - APR, ECS, 034 Motorsport etc. Also anyone got the 034 Motorsport billet aluminium dogbone insert? Seems to have good reviews - some in the US have mentioned it can deform in extreme cases ... Already have the Powerflex version fitted.
  10. downtothebone

    Anyone fitted Bilstein B6

    Lots of info on the B8 but wondered about real world use of the B6. Saw an old thread from NHN recommending the Eibach Pro and Koni FSDs in preference to Bilsteins ...
  11. downtothebone

    New fuel from Shell at F1 Spa circuit

    Anyone know more about this - developed for the Ferrari V6 engine apparently ...
  12. downtothebone

    RS3 front control arm rear bushes

    Read that these are an uprated version to those fitted on the other A3/S3 models. Is there a part number for the RS3 version? A few posts on the US sites suggest these are preferable to the poly bushes from Superpro, Powerflex et al.
  13. downtothebone

    Its melted!! - 3D printed armrest compartment tidy

    Popped open the armrest lid to find ...
  14. downtothebone

    Updated APR maps for EA113 2.0T engines

    Looks like APR have updated maps available.
  15. downtothebone

    APR Crystalline Wheel at $489k each

    Alloy wheels are sooooooo yesterday ...
  16. downtothebone

    Latest version of steering rack I can fit

    All , My current steering rack needs replacing - it is part: 1K0 909 144 J What is the latest version I can fit - I can see similar with suffixes M or N or P or R but not sure which is compatible. Thx.
  17. downtothebone

    Most OEM like performance clutch 2.0 TSI

    All, My clutch is on its way out - I’m on APR stage 2 for a 2.0 TSI engine. What should I be considering? Ideally want something that feels as close to OEM as possible. I won’t be adding any power than I already have. Thx.
  18. downtothebone

    Bose Rear Speakers Frequency Reponse

    Anyone know the range? Thx.
  19. downtothebone

    RS3 rear top mounts

    Are these different to those fitted to a standard model? Thx.
  20. downtothebone

    APR v2.nn Map upgrade EA888 Gen 1 & 2 Engines

    APR released a major upgrade to their maps for the newer TSI and older TFSI engines about a year ago. Oddly there was no announcement by APR UK. Today I had v2.4 applied for my Stage 2+ map as the upgrade for my specific engine CCZA was only just released last month (on my prompting to APR...