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  1. Dazmo

    Car sold!

    Well after having my B7 A4 for four years last month i finally sold it! I put it on ebay and sold it within a week, i was offered £7000 by an audi dealer and i sold it privately for £11,000! Just abit of a difference. Next on the list for me is an AUDI TTS or TTRS
  2. Dazmo

    Bus lane fine!!

    Need some advice please, Drive in a bus lane accidentally in my company car, fine went to hire firm, then they added admin fees, then they forwarded it to my company who are now docking my wages £62.50 the offence was on 30/03/2013, hire company billed my company with invoice on 19/04/2013 and...
  3. Dazmo

    TTS help please?

    Hi all, i am looking at purchasing a TTS within the next few months. I am not looking at new, im looking at 2009/2010 cars, just wondered what options i should be looking for, any problems i should be aware of, any recalls on older models etc I also plan on having it remapped and may possibly...
  4. Dazmo

    Job interview (bananas)

    Well i have been invited to a job interview after recently applying for an internal position. However i am unhappy to find out that i have to write and present 3(yes 3) 5 minute presentations and then i have an interview. Does anyone else think this is taking the p**s or is it just me. How...
  5. Dazmo

    New battery?

    Anyone know much about batteries, because i certainly don't. I am looking at replacing my standard Audi battery with something better as its showing as low and its about 6 years old now. I want something more reliable and more powerful if possible, anyone know what i need or where i can buy it...
  6. Dazmo

    Funny supercar video

    Great video i just found of a 106. Peugeot 106 thinks its a super car, fail - YouTube
  7. Dazmo

    Faulty socket or something else?

    In my car i have both an in car camera and GPS camera Detector. I just plugged them both into the lighter socket as i normally do and my camera just popped (sparks flew out of it and it started to smoke) I unplugged everything and just tested the camera on its on in the socket, it keeps...
  8. Dazmo


    Gutted, just gutted one of my favourite directors of all time Tony Scott died after jumping off a bridge yesterday (the bridge from gone in 60 seconds!). Apparently he had just been diagnosed with incurable Brain Cancer. A true loss to cinema. His films include (producing and directing):-...
  9. Dazmo


    Anyone want to buy the mens football goalposts or diving scoresheet? Or perhaps you want the mens javelin or even the mens basketball used in the games! You can buy almost everything, even the peasents costumes from the opening ceremony. If you have DEEP pockets see below:- London 2012...
  10. Dazmo


    I just bought 4 x Vredestein Ultra Sessantas,235/40/18 ZR with 7 mm Tread for £265.00! Bargain Tastic, i needed to share this with the world as i am very happy!
  11. Dazmo


    Ok my iphone 4 started playing up 2 days before its 12 month warranty expired. I quickly got an appointment at the apple shop and they swapped it for a nice shiny, refurbished phone. That was last saturday, i have had this phone for a week and i have had every fault you can think of so far...
  12. Dazmo

    Worlds smallest Fire Truck

    Lol Staree: FunCage dotcom
  13. Dazmo

    Just Met Ray Mears!

    He came into our shop and bought Fish n Chips! What a sound bloke! Had a bit of a chat with him, shook his hand, apparently he is filming a new program based on Coasts and Coastal survival and is on the Isle Of Wight
  14. Dazmo

    Why not to text and walk!

    Guy Walks Into Giant Bear While Texting on MSN Video Man walks into bear while texting lol
  15. Dazmo


    Ok who is going to watch this at the weekend? Looks incredible
  16. Dazmo

    How to change lanes!

     Car video clips, Auto shows, Road test videos | MSN Cars UK
  17. Dazmo

    Army/Military Lego

    Being a massive fan of lego all my life, especially as a kid i came across this stuff on ebay today and now i have gone mad and bought some. I just think its incredible, the equipment you can buy is great, Night Vision goggles, knives, grenades, Gas Masks. I have also bought some little...
  18. Dazmo

    Car behaving strangely

    Need help guys, My a4 is all of a sudden playing up, firstly my steering does not feel right, when I'm going round a round about or bend the car is not gripping and seems to just slide off the bend instead of going around it, tyres are all fine but it's just not gripping, it seems to just want...
  19. Dazmo


    WOW, a serious amount of snow so far, in some places its almost to my f****g knees!! Just been for a walk, reminds me of when it snowed this bad when i was a kid! I took a screen shot of my CCTV so far:- Bottom two are being battered by snow drifts, so visibility is poor
  20. Dazmo

    Aviva WTF!!

    What the hell is going on with Aviva, I did a quote 2 weeks ago and it was £504.00. Last week i did the same quote and its now £1020.00 Today i did another quote, same details and it has doubled to £2010.10 WTF?? Luckily i have just renewed with Admiral and Paid £400.00, are these idiots...