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  1. Ricky Burrows

    2.0 tdi any good?

    As most of you know I parted ways with the lovely misano red saloon BUT I'm planning on coming back....sort of, I've posted this same question on the A3 8p part but minimal responses so I thought id ask here as if I remember right there was a few people running the 2.0 tdi engine, let me back...
  2. Ricky Burrows

    Little advice please

    Hi I've immigrated from the B7 section to potentially getting my other half an A3 preferably a face lift model with the 2.0 tdi more thank likely the 140 model for my budget so the advice I need is what to look out for and any common issues to sort out or expect? I'm looking at surprising her...
  3. Ricky Burrows

    Sold Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Stage 2+ Misano Red Pearl
  4. Ricky Burrows

    Custom Headlights

    Thought id share a slightly more detailed post on one of the changes i made to the car after the repair and repaint, i did take pictures of the whole process but my phones not connecting to the laptop so ill attach some before and after pics i already have at the same kind of angle to show the...
  5. Ricky Burrows


    Some of you may remember my car was hit by my crazy neighbour (her official name on our street) about 3 months ago, for you who don't know ill attach some images now. Yeah, so less of that, on to the positive side of this thread, the old girls finally done (more or less) I got some little...
  6. Ricky Burrows

    Coolant capacity?

    So ive started repairing the car ive had to drain the coolant to remove the front slam panel, question is how much coolant does it take to fill and any recommended brands or is it a case of anything thats red? I do have some oem Vauxhall coolant would that be ok?
  7. Ricky Burrows

    Clear indicator lens?

    As my cars off the road taking a nap I'm doing a few little bits to make her extra special next time she see's the streets one of them being I'm taking the headlights apart to have a mess around with them and it seems a waste to not do the clear indicator while I'm at it, one question how do i...
  8. Ricky Burrows

    Wanted DAB Headunit for A4 B7

    As title really before i buy a new one just thought id see if anyone's selling a double din DAB stereo, preferably with the wiring for full bose, steering wheel controls and a dab antenna, complete plug and play basically. Thanks.
  9. Ricky Burrows

    DAB Headunit

    I want a DAB in the b7 and basically I need it in layman's terms what I need to get or better yet someone selling one? I have the symphony HU car has BOSE speakers as well not sure what other details are needed? I know I'm going to need a wiring kit for the aftermarket HU, I've looked before...
  10. Ricky Burrows

    Soo this happened yesterday...

    I was driving down a narrow lane a car was coming towards me i more or less slammed on my brakes she wasn't looking i don't actually know what she was doing but i seen her face looking everywhere bar the road, i more or less come to a stop beeped the horn and bang she hit me head on, in need of...
  11. Ricky Burrows

    Cartoon your car

    Bit of an odd post but me and the mrs just had this company Cartoonmycar do the B7 and her Zafira as were putting them on a big canvas. I think it turned out great and maybe something someone else may like to have, they cartoon anything tbh but we opted for the plain background and just our...
  12. Ricky Burrows

    2.0 tfsi Downpipe...What you got?

    I need a downpipe for my 2.0 tfsi and they seem to be more or less un heard of, what are people running? I've seen ecs do a 3" hi flow cat and downpipe kit but unfortunately I've got a 034 motorsport hi flow cat sat in the front room waiting to go on so I cant get the ecs one now as they don't...
  13. Ricky Burrows

    B7 Wingmirror Glass?

    Hello my lovely's I need the N/S and O/S wing mirror glass I've seen on ebay there £10 each new has anyone used these, do they fit ok? Or is there anywhere else that people recommend getting them? I haven't bothered to ring TPS as I've been ignorant in assuming there be a lot of money for a...
  14. Ricky Burrows

    Driveshaft issue?

    Noticed a knocking noise so while i was taking all the wheels off to give all the suspension and inner arches a clean i found this on the o/s driveshaft? Seems to have lost a metal clip as it now moves forward and backward slightly when i pull and push it, moves a couple of centimetres...
  15. Ricky Burrows

    Honeycomb grille mesh on sline bumper?

    Wondered where people ordered the honeycomb mesh to re do my front grille i ordered one which was biggest size i could find and its wide enough but not tall enough to do all in one piece, any links? Not looking at buying an oem rs4 grille either.
  16. Ricky Burrows

    COVID-19 & MOT’s Hopefully that helps people out who it applies to.
  17. Ricky Burrows

    COVID-19 & MOT’s
  18. Ricky Burrows

    Turbo muffler?

    Ive come across a few very good makes selling turbo mufflers i know what they do but has anyone got one and can shed some feedback on them and if they have noticed a difference performance and sound wise? If they do what they say it seems a no brainer so ill buy one if there as good as they sound.
  19. Ricky Burrows

    VIS hpfp? Complete unit or not?

    As the title says really I’m wondering what the difference is (apart from price) from me buying the vis internals or the complete pump unit with the internals already installed? Is there any benefit from me buying the complete unit to justify the price difference or is it just a housing? Is...
  20. Ricky Burrows

    Turbo failure?

    I would like some advice please people I think my turbo has decided to die. So i was accelerating under boost about 4500rpm and climbing when suddenly it felt like it lost power, tried putting the power on again and it just felt like it had lost alot of boost then i looked in the mirror and i...