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  1. Swanny356

    De-chroming the window surrounds / help please

    Having done the full detail I’ve fallen in love with my car again. I’m treating it to an alloy refurb, but going gunmetal not chrome. The window surround will be the weakest part, I want to go darker: Do I wrap or replace? Anyone done either?
  2. Swanny356

    Xenon main & dipped OS headlight issue

    2010 3.0 TDI pre facelift Sportback. After 9 weeks of it sitting in the garage having a full paint correction detail, I took the A5 out at night. Dash warning saying OS headlight issue and sure enough when I got home no light. When I switched it from auto to manual the light kicked in, is...
  3. Swanny356

    EGR & DPF delete! Any problems

    After a repeated fault with my EGR my garage is suggesting bypassing the EGR and removing the DPF. Anyone had any problems after doing this? From what I'm told I should get more power and a better exhaust / engine sound. It's either this or a new EGR.
  4. Swanny356

    New honeycomb fog grills - do I plastikote?

    I just fitted the new fog light grills. Loving the look but! Now wondering whether I should .. A) Spray them to match the main grill B) Spray the grill black to match them C) Leave as they are
  5. Swanny356

    Sportback Alarm Issue

    Started @ 6:30 this morning :sleeping: Siren going off but no flashing lights - wouldn't turn off even when I started the car. I've had the car in the garage and cleaned all the door, boot and bonnet catches :cold:. LED alarm door light in the drivers door blinks seven times and then goes...
  6. Swanny356

    Front bumper removal - anyone have a how to guide?

    Hi all, After a slight altication, I could do with removing the front bumper, to check all is as it should be underneath. I had to push the bumper back under the wing and the headlamp washer 'alien' wasn't sitting quite right. I've searched and can't see a 'how to' write up anywhere. Did it...
  7. Swanny356

    Alternative parking sensors

    Not my idea of parking sensors but perhaps Suzuki think differently? Found this at the train station when I returned after an already stressful day. Damaged bumper and pushed the bracket into the quarter panel. Driver denies leaving it parked like that - continental drift is obviously...
  8. Swanny356

    Drive Select Retrofit

    Well I've decided to enable drive select but wanted to do it properly! Has anyone retrofitted the button on the dash (next/near to the ESP button)? Also so I can order one does anyone have to part number please? If someone who had this fitted as standard on a pre facelift would pm me their...
  9. Swanny356

    B & O upgrade

    Anyone done the speaker upgrade? I have MMI high on a 2010 sportback. Wondering roughly how much and how complicated!
  10. Swanny356

    Gear knob compatability

    Does anyone know if this will fit my 2010 DSG? Auto / DSG gear lever Audi A3 S3 A6 S6 Q7 RS6 8P2713141BSKH New genuine Audi. Love the facelift version but can't justify £250 when this is £80! Thanks
  11. Swanny356

    Finally changed the grill

    After 3 months I managed to get around to fitting the grill. Took me around 2 hours to do and very pleased with the way it's changed the nose. Before After
  12. Swanny356

    Best Bum

    sorry if I got you here under false pretences but I'm asking about a steering wheel! I love the chrome paddle shifters but wanted an opinion on round or flat bottom steering wheel choice! What would you choose?
  13. Swanny356

    Side window algae

    Not sure if this has been covered before but on my Wife's A1 there is green 'algae type' stuff on the side windows. Quite easy to clean with a microfibre but comes back quickly. Is there a way to stop/slow it? Cheers
  14. Swanny356

    Changing STronic paddle shifters

    Looking to put the facelift chrome (slightly larger) paddle shifters on my steering wheel. Not a great fan of the flat bottom wheel so just looking at changing the paddles. I've read how to get the wheel off but is it straight forward to change the shifters?
  15. Swanny356

    Fog light bulbs - RS5 grill

    Well after promising myself one for 12 months I finally bought the grill First question - What are the best (white) fog light bulbs as I may as well change them whilst the bumper is off? Second question - Do I spray the crash bar black before fitting it? Car is Phantom black btw.
  16. Swanny356

    Front & Rear Dash Cam's

    After purchasing a very substandard Dashcam that I stuck with for about 3 days, I'm now looking for a better kit for @ £100 - any ideas? Something quite discreet is a must.
  17. Swanny356

    Happy Christmas to all

    Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year. Santa bought me some early pressies so spent 3 hours today compounding and polishing. Will he bring my other wish list goodies? Doubt it TBH:shrug:! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Swanny
  18. Swanny356

    Parking brake malfunction

    just got to the train station car park and my parking brake light on both dash and switch is flashing! When I start it it says malfunction as above. Anyone else had this, Audi only serviced it a couple of months ago? Good job I'm off tomorrow
  19. Swanny356

    Will A7 Alloys fit?

    simple as that really. 19'' 9j with 32mm offset and 112m stud diameter. Any quick replies will receive my eternal thanks - well a like at least! ✌
  20. Swanny356

    Window switches

    Very jealous of my wife's A1 as it has every extra I want on my A5 and £10k cheaper! Only thing it hasn't got is chrome surround window switches, has anyone got or retrofit these? Can't see any on fleabay but I'm pretty sure the tops just flick off? It's her birthday soon so would be a great...