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    2017 Audi S8

    Having owned the car for a few months it has to be said that this car has totally surprised me how agile and quick it is for such a large vehicle. I thought my stage 2 S4 was rapid and with the suspension mods handled like it was on rails, but this is a completely different league for speed and...
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    S8 alternatives to OEM brake options?

    Also consider the Girodisc 2 piece discs Got them for the S8 mated with Yellowstuff EBC pads and they make a good difference over the oem discs.
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    S8 alternatives to OEM brake options?

    Have a look at
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    Paint Rust?!

    Thanks for the heads up. Last time I called was over 1.5 months ago. Ended up getting it done at a mates body shop a few weeks ago as was less hassle than dealing with Audi themselves. They probably would have wanted me to pay for some percentage anyways (which, I am sure would be more than I...
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    Paint Rust?!

    Still waiting on a case I raised in September 2016 with Stirling Audi. Phoned them 4 times now and each time it is "Ooo, has it been that long since you raised the case? We will contact our Glasgow bodyshop who should have the photos we took and they will get back to you"... Think they forgot to...
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    What next for my s4

    APR Stage 2 with pulley, ECS Intake, Milltek Cat back and downpipes rolling road results = 478bhp, 415 ft-lb
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    Revo Stage 1

    I was set on getting an S8 and remapping... After watching your video, I am really liking the S6 and it's more nimble characteristics. I was going to ask how you find the S6 compared to a stage 2 S4, but just noticed you did not remap your S4. I test drove a stock S6 and felt my S4 was slightly...
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    S4 3.0t oil consumption

    I just got the garage to do all the work. Thought since the supercharger was coming off due to the water-pump and thermostat replacement it would be a worth-while change. I was told that my APR tune would be over-written if they applied the flash themselves.
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    S4 3.0t oil consumption

    I noticed that my car was needing topped up with 1 litre every 1000-1200 miles. Recently had the water pump and thermostat changed along with the oil in my supercharger. (2500 miles ago) Taken from the post above...
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    S4 Front disc replacement

    Currently running a set of the ECS 2 piece wave rotors with EBC Yellow Stuff pads and cannot fault them. They are not cheap but offer a much better braking system in my opinion to OEM. These are the 3rd set of discs/pads that I have changed over my ownership and if buying on a budget I can...
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    Winter tyres ?????

    They performed really well. Found them good in the wet, great in the dry and great in the snow. Road noise was not noticeable and I have put a set on my wife's Nissan Juke. I just fancied a change last year and purchased the Nokian WR D4 as they had a wet rating of A. Not much between any of the...
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    Winter tyres ?????

    Have always put a set of winter tyres on for the last 4-5 years and can honestly say that they make a massive difference when the temps drop. Have tried the following makes: Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme Michelin Pilot Alpin Dunlop SP Winter Sport Nokian WR D4 (Which I will be running this winter)...
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    S4 Milltek Non-Resonated

    I know this post is fairly old... Finally got round to getting a video up of the S4 with Milltek down pipes and the non-resonated oval back-boxes :) To me this is the perfect sound. This is on a 6MT so the drone is not that bad whilst driving (or I may just have got used to it now!)
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    Driver door rattle

    Could try the following fix... It worked for me albeit it was a fix for the B pillar. Post #12 in particular. Also applied gummi fliege to all the door seals which seemed to make a difference as well...
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    To Sports Diff or Not?

    Looks good mate and tbh Having had a couple of S4's, one with the SD and one without the SD. Nothing a set of ARB's would not sort out. I really do not miss the SD option at all. Enjoy your car :)
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    S4 b8.5 rear brake upgrade

    Got these on the rears currently with Yellowstuff pads: Have the matching front discs with DS2500 pads. Cannot fault them and genuine upgrade on standard discs with DS2500...
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    S4 advice

    [KNOWN ISSUES] (Taken from Water Pump failure Recall issued for certain cars as "Service Action Campaign 19H1/F1" Replaced plastic waterpump housing with metal waterpump housing. You can visually inspect for correct part. Located below supercharger on the front of...
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    where are s4 boys getting theyre pulleys done

    Echo that. 0-60 in under 4 seconds 0-100 in under 9 seconds If you drive a MT, I would budget for a new clutch as it is a case of when not if for it going. My stock setup went so I upgraded with a Stage 3 clutch and LWFW. That just went over the weekend after 10,000 miles, so it seems that...
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    where are s4 boys getting theyre pulleys done

    I had all my modifications done in stages and dyno'd after each modification: All ran on Shell V-Power Stock - 360 bhp Stock + Milltek Non Resonated Exhaust - 370 bhp Apr Stage 1 + Milltek Non Resonated Exhaust - 430 bhp Apr Stage 2 + Milltek Non Resonated Exhaust - 460 bhp Apr Stage 2 +...
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    where are s4 boys getting theyre pulleys done

    Awesome GTi in Manchester for me. Involved a trip down from Scotland... Needless to say the trip back up was better :)