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  1. paddy

    Spot the difference

    Spot the difference, Answer at the bottom of the page Answer..........10 years and 100,000 miles First pic was the day i bought it with 100 miles on the clock June 2011 265bhp Second pic today, 102,000 miles on the clock June 2012 382bhp still drives like a new car :-)
  2. paddy

    How long to warm up

    With temps around 5c i find i need to do about 8 miles to get the gauge up to 90c...Seems like quite a long way. Once at 90 it holds it spot on , traffic or Motorway. Until then the heater is useless, am i just getting old :-)
  3. paddy

    Fog light bulb

    Want to fit a new bulb to the front fog light but how do you get the grill off. ?
  4. paddy


    Been dithering over whether to get the APR stg1 TCU upgrade for a while and having just decided to go for it they have put the price up to £660 !! a rise of 10% on what must be a 10 year old+ bit of software !! thats now £370 more than revo and rising by the year. No thanks....
  5. paddy

    Wheel question

    I remember back in the day when the 8p was available new a lot of guys were fitting 19" TT rotor wheels. I need new wheels and i also want to keep the car outwardly as std as possible so now i am thinking maybe 19" TT wheels might be the answer and allow slightly bigger discs a calipers as a...
  6. paddy

    Bose sub.

    I have sound from the rear but no base on my S3, anyone know how to get the trim off the left panel in the boot on a 3 door ?
  7. paddy


    A few days down south here at 35c+ and i have been feeling lethargic and so has the car....... But wow went out tonight, empty roads, 17c cooler !!! and boy does it make a difference !! scrabbling for grip at the red line in 2nd and 3rd in a straight line drag and the torque is way up down the...
  8. paddy

    Black edition wheels

    Saw this on the tube and thought it might interest others ?
  9. paddy

    Number plate

    I was looking today to see the legal size of a number plate however it seems there isn't one ?? Just a character size and a top and bottom margin so a 3 digit number like RR1 needs only to be 147mm wide 11mm side margin ,50mm letter ,11mm space, 50mm letter, 11mm space ,14mm stroke, 11mm...
  10. paddy

    Anti roll bar

    Anyone fitted uprated Anti roll bars to std suspension ?...and did it work ? Embarrassing today following a Golf GTD...yes D and while he seemed to be able to change lanes at will in an instant, i had to back off as the S3 is pretty unstable at speed. I keep looking at shocks but i fitted Koni...
  11. paddy

    torque question

    People often refer to the DSG map as allowing greater clamping pressure and thus Torque transfer. If this is the case we should know what the factory torque limit is ? and compare this to the engine map graphs and decide whether the stock settings are limiting torque ? Has anyone got torque...
  12. paddy

    Insurance warning

    A warning to all you clever people who bought a multi car policy and sit smugly thinking about how much you saved. I have had my company Van and the Audi on a Multi car policy for the last 5 years. I did this as it was advertised as saving me money as you might expect. Anyway this year the...
  13. paddy

    S3 Brakes

    Decided to refurb my brakes but rather than take the car off road i bought another pair of calipers cheap on ebay and will refurb them first ready to do a straight swap....or at least that was the plan. these are a single piston floating caliper so basically as the piston pushes the pad on to...
  14. paddy

    GFB DV+

    Anyone had their DV+ fail ? and what were the symptoms ? when i first fitted mine it stopped my car smoking when you booted it, however i have noticed with the the sun low behind me i can see smoke again on some occasions in my mirror and exhaust is soot black again , Its also lost that crisp...
  15. paddy

    Boxter Calipers

    Anyone fitted 2.5 or 2.7 early Boxter calipers to their 8p ? They appear to be 4 pot brembo's and may spread braking pressure over a larger area of disc over stock S3 items ?
  16. paddy

    Warped brake discs.

    Warped discs ? This might help someone with similar problems. My J hooks are causing problems after 3k miles just like the EBC discs before them and the originals before them. Had a chat with a guy from Brembo today, I am in the motorcycle trade and have a few contacts and Brembo discs are the...
  17. paddy


    Had to pay £1.42 today for shell VP down south today. £79.00 to fill up. Total rip off....or Shell rip off i should say :)
  18. paddy

    Useless Jack

    Just tried to jack up the car using the Std jack for the first time. Utterly useless as it fouls the S3 side skirts long before the wheel is off the ground. I can see it would be fine with an A3 but no good for an S3. Glad i found this at home in the drive and not in the pouring rain on the hard...
  19. paddy

    anti roll bars

    Looking at anti roll bars now as it goes fast in a straight line but its a bit hit and miss on corners when you are trucking on. Anybody fitted them F and B with stock suspension ? I am basically stock with a 20mm spring drop on the front I don't want coilovers :) VWR are £500 a pair......H&R...
  20. paddy


    Fitted a Wagner IC this morning. Power went from 353bhp to 380bhp. spec as per my sig. I think this says a lot about the std facelift plastic intercooler if nothing else. Almost where i want to be but Torque drops of dramatically and to be fair i am running a stock 7 year old exhaust so i will...