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  1. beachbuggy

    rs4 b5 pads

    Recently picked up some rs4 b5 brakes front, which need new pads, anyone got a link to decent ones please
  2. beachbuggy

    Crank bearings and thrust washers

    So following on from previous threads.. I need a set of crank main bearings and thrust washers. ive been in touch with TpS and been given the following Crank bearings. £7.92 06a198491 Thrust washers £ 4.29 026105635a Thrust washers is no issue but the crank bearings , they only have 1...
  3. beachbuggy

    50/50 haldex mod

    I'm just posting a link to another forum where the use of a simple bolt with a pin in it can make your Quattro 50:50 drive. im very sceptical about it and can see premature Haldex failure but might be of interest to someone or point of discussion The Audi TT Forum :: View topic - New Haldex...
  4. beachbuggy

    K04 Super hybrid +

    Anyone who doesn't follow FB. This I tested my new K04 super hybrid. So what's different to your normal hybrid. 1) custom made billet 7+7 compressor wheel , same size as existing hybrids but an extra pair of blades 2) custom made larger turbine extending the original inducer on the turbine...
  5. beachbuggy

    k03 and K04 hybrids

    Looking for any info really or to speak to anyone that has a hybrid fitted to the 8P I do alot of work on the 8N & 8L for hybrids and looking to extend this into the 8j&8p market Basically I'm jsut carrying out research into the potentials of the turbos. mods needed etc etc. There is alot of...
  6. beachbuggy

    Realtime logging with gauges for the me7

    Fully customisable, can log any and all variables . As you want how you want Gauges, graphs, dials, peak holds etc Me7 realtime logging - YouTube
  7. beachbuggy

    2.3 v5 turbo engine.. Discussion

    Just looking into it really, but anyone know if its a feasible option? V5 engines go pretty cheaply, as far as I know bolt onto existing gearboxes. Larger displacement etc. obviously custom manifolds need to be made but not really seen much info in the net. Just wondering how CR can be lowered...
  8. beachbuggy

    MBC: bleed v ball and spring

    With the hybrid about ready to run, like last time will be running an MBC in parallel to cap boost spikes. Before I've always used ball and spring, very good and do the job. Been given a very nice in cockpit MBC but its a bleed valve type. Has the same in and out ports and vents to atmosphere...
  9. beachbuggy

    Hybrid K04 R&D

    So there have been a few threads recently on Hybrids, good and bad results have been had, inconsistencies in production to name a few. What was a good hybrid 2/3 years ago before the High flow tubular manifold, "welly" cooler, mapping improvements now it seems it's quite cutting, part of the...
  10. beachbuggy

    AGU big injectors

    Working on new project, was going to run deka 630cc injectors but just realised that the injector inserts for the AGU are different to the BAM thus they won't fit, so my question is will the manifold inserts from a bam manifold fit into the AGU( assuming I can get the buggers out ) and if not...
  11. beachbuggy

    AUDI A4 Hybrid turbo Build

    Really following on from a thread started last week on hybrid turbos for the A4, I thought I would actually get round to starting my thread as I've started to make some head way on the turbo build. So I'm normally found lurking on the 8L forums and have been building hybrid turbos for a little...
  12. beachbuggy

    Are these IAT's acceptable?

    Didn't want to Hijack Nick's ( Prawns ) thread so seperate post here's a Graph of my recent logs for the IAT on my last run. Just wondered if it was ok? OAT was about 10degrees. Further logs are on my hybrid build thread Any comments.
  13. beachbuggy

    Opinions on clutch please.I don't have a clue on this one..

    So, I actually don't know something... !!! Seriously though I would appreciate any help on the matter as I don't know what to do for the best. The test bed for my hybdrids has a clutch slip! It's an odd one as I think it may have been there since I bought the car however with the extra Horse...
  14. beachbuggy

    Xs power tubular manifold

    Has anyone fitted one of these to their a4? I have one on my hybrid s3 and am looking at testing one with a hybrid on the wife's A4 1.8t avant. Need a new project! They've had fantastic success on the a3/s3 platform but as of yet not seen any on the A4 .
  15. beachbuggy

    S3 BAM required to do a bit of testing in surrey.

    As above really. If you have an s3 bam engine in Surrey and can spare me an hour so I can test something please pm me. Promise I'm not going to blow your car up! But it needs to be the bam engine. Cheers Dan
  16. beachbuggy

    NB to WB ECU and LOOM conversion.. done today

    Have to say not that exciting really but thought I'd post anyway. So my S3 APY comes with a narrow band ecu. Nothing wrong with it but as I'm fitting my hybrid to it though I would make my life a little easier when it comes to tuning by fitting a Wideband Ecu and Loom from a later spec S3. 2...
  17. beachbuggy

    K03/k03s performance manifold

    What are the options here? Or is the stock manifold ok? Reason I ask is that I been speaking to a friend who makes manifolds up and he's going to make up one for me, for the k03/s to test.
  18. beachbuggy

    Hybrid turbo injectors - what size?

    So based on using this calculator Fuel Injector Calculator from WitchHunter Performance A bsfc of .60 and aiming for about 340bhp at the flywheel and duty cycle of 80% , says I need 630cc injectors. I know some have used 550cc and others 440cc . But anyone know for sure what are best...
  19. beachbuggy

    External EGT sensor and gauge

    As with many of these Hybrid builds, unless you are currently running and BAM or AMK engine you won't have any means of logging the EGTs essential to ensuring you don't get too hot when mapping As my new hybrid is on an APY I looked into aftermarket standalone kits and came up with this for...
  20. beachbuggy

    Bwa 2.0 TFSI engine

    Will this fit the s3 engine bay and gearbox as a bolt on and any one know, appreciate the ancillary's etc will all be different.