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  1. OrkneyS3

    wheel refurbishment in Aberdeen

    AnyOne know of good wheel refurbishment companies in Aberdeen? I'm looking to get my rotas refurbed when I get back from work next week. Chris
  2. OrkneyS3

    Fueling conundrum

    Hi folks, thinking about going to stage 2+ with the car, only problem is that I want to run on 99 Ron fuel but we only get 95 here, I looked into additives but from what I've been reading there not worth the bottle they come in. I was thinking about water meth injection as a solution was just...
  3. OrkneyS3

    New S3

    Hi Folks, My names Chris, I live on Orkney, Just moved over to the 8p side, picked up my 08 plate Red S3 yesterday, still have my Black 8l lol. I was wondering if anyone on here used to own or know the previous owner of the car, the number plate is OY 08 UVT it has a number of mods and id like...
  4. OrkneyS3

    Strange Pause

    When i plant the throttle in fourth, fifth and sixth, there is a surge towards 4500rpm then a slight pause, she then drops a few hundred rpm, then picks up and carries on as normal anyone got any ideas as to why this could be happening? Chris
  5. OrkneyS3

    My new S3

    Here she is finnally with some pics... She has heated leather recarros, bose upgrade 18inch tt's, shes covered 85k miles, leon cupra splitter, also has Forge DV and Remap by shark performance, new coilovers should be arriving this week (hopefully today) and the new top mounts are already...
  6. OrkneyS3

    My new S3

    Bought my new S3 yesterday, very very pleased with it, will get pics and details up after the weekend ( got a stag doo this weekend so wont be driving the car). Chris
  7. OrkneyS3

    Alternatives to Vpower or Tesco 99 or BP ultimate

    Hi i have been through the forums and the gist of it is that fuel additives arent worth the bottle there sold in, the problem for me is that i live where there is no Shell V power or any of the alternatives, only got good old 95ron, the closest to me would mean a ferry trip and 125mile drive...
  8. OrkneyS3


    Hi everyone. Im Chris, live on orkney, work offshore, have just put a deposit down on an 02 plate S3, sadly im at work for another 3 weeks so i will be like a hyperactive 4 year old for the next three weeks. Cracking forum full of useful info, and from reading the posts folk seem pretty decent...