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  1. jetty

    2.0 TFSI - Stuttering / hesitating - no errors

    2011 A3 2.0 TFSI with 60k on the clock. Recently towed to Audi after losing all power. Coil pack replaced. Car has been ok the past 100 miles, but has now developed a hesitation when you apply power (2000rpm and above). Happens throughout the gears - feels like you're driving over rumble...
  2. jetty

    BiTDI breakdown - recovery options ?

    Evening all, Not having much look with my Audi’s lately - one issue after another. Crankshaft pulley has destroyed itself with only 55k on the clock. Audi have advised me not to start the engine. Car is in an awkward place on the drive. So to load onto trailer I need to freewheel it about 30m...
  3. jetty

    Rear disc change on a quattro ?

    Rear discs and pads need changing on the BiTdi. They are the 2EA variant / 320mm. Lost my VCDS during house move so I have a Carista on order for EPB. Question difficult is the rear caliper carrier to remove ? Some say it’s difficult on the quattro as space is limited. Possibly able...
  4. jetty

    Turbo squeal around 2k RPM - BiTdi

    Bought the car Dec last year - nothing but problems with it. Probably been with them for 3 months in total. I've been complaining about a squeal when you put your foot down - it's high pitch but only does it around 2k rpm under load. Audi had it for weeks initially - came back and said it's the...
  5. jetty

    BiTDI emissions update plus lambda sensor - anyone tried ?

    My 2015 BiTDI was at the dealership last week. They noted a recall/update on the emissions which has only just been released by Audi. Included in the update was a new lambda sensor. No power/consumption issues apparently, but why the lambda sensor if that's the case ?! I rejected the update...
  6. jetty

    Another BiTDI after buy back

    Been a while since I was on here last - bought an A6 over a year ago and had problem after problem with it. Last straw was yellow paint and water ingress ( Car had obviously been in a nasty smash and poorly repaired. Anyway...
  7. jetty

    Audi bodge job....silicone ?

    My A6 has been a nightmare since day one. Long story short, car has been with Audi who have replaced door cards, seals etc on the drivers door amongst other things over the past 12 months (best part of £6k which excludes the £2k they have just spent!). So, driving back after the initial repair...
  8. jetty

    Oil type for BiTDI ? Mobil 1

    I've had my A6 BiTDI almost a year now - received a reminder from Audi that it's due a service. Spoke to my local dealership and they say it isn't due for another year! Not a fan of Longlife so I'm going to do the oil change myself. Had a look on ECP and they recommend Petronas and Castrol 5w30...
  9. jetty

    Window trim damaged - replaceable ?

    The trim between the window and door has been damaged whilst the doors were resprayed. It's a black edition, so stands out quite a bit. I really can't be bothered with the company who did this - I'd rather do it myself and know the job has been done correctly. Does anyone know if the trim can...
  10. jetty

    Loose connectors under drivers side door panel ?

    I have noticed an annoying knocking noise coming from the door panel - removed it today and found 3 disconnected/loose connectors under there. What are these for / should they be disconnected ? Seems odd to have some connecting flapping around under there! Cheers
  11. jetty

    Window regulator spaghetti nightmare!

    So.....I'm replacing the wing mirror. Removed top section of door inc the window/regulator etc. Whilst removing the top half the pulley section came winging off along with the cables. I've spent the past 2 hours trying to get tension on the springs whilst rewinding the cables, but for the life...
  12. jetty

    Audi phone box / QI charger

    It's a long shot, but I have an A7 courtesy at the moment. Found the phone box yesterday and really like the wireless charging. Anyone know if this was an option on the C7 ? Retrofit ? Or is this a recent thing for Audi ? Cheers
  13. jetty

    Windscreen washer jets - Jet to Fan longer heat

    I carried out the jet to fan style windscreen washer retrofit a few months back (4G0955988A - 4G0955987A). All good, miles better than the 3 jet type. Only issue is the heated side doesn't seem to work. I've double checked the connections but they don't seem to warm up and defrost at all...
  14. jetty

    Genuine discs/!?

    I've had issues with the brakes on the A3 since we bought it last year - they look awful and to be honest.....lethal. Audi keep saying they are fine and pass the tests etc - I know they aren't right. Anyway, I give up. Going to rebuild the calipers, replace discs/pads myself. Whilst trawling...
  15. jetty

    DPF regen - efficiency mode

    Hopefully a quick question! I've been driving down to London quite a bit lately - it's a 130 mile trip. Chuck it into efficiency mode and cruise control. Never noticed a regen take place - but as soon as I selected dynamic mode a regen started (annoyingly just as I parked up :expressionless:)...
  16. jetty

    GPS module - 2 months for a removal tool ?

    I've been having issues with keys not being recognised and keys not unlocking with fob unless you are stood right next to the car. Audi dealer has said the GPS module needs replacing - expensive part....Audi warranty won't cover it, fortunately the main dealer has agreed to cover the cost...
  17. jetty

    Hard brake pedal in the morning

    Usually when I start her up in the morning there is a bit of give in the brake pedal. The past 5-6 days first thing in the morning the pedal is rock solid. During the day the brake pedal has a little give as usual. Is this normal, or something I should mention when the 5f module is replaced next...
  18. jetty

    Time for a change....

    After nearly a decade owning various A4's I've decided to switch platforms. Always liked the A6 both inside and out. Test drove a 3.0ltr Bi Turbo last week and couldn't resist! Quicker than my 3.2 V6 and has a fantastic burble - never thought I'd own a diesel but torque and the added fuel...
  19. jetty

    2011 A3 Sportback - DSG oil and cambelt service interval ?

    Just bought a 2011 A3 black edition from Audi - has the CCZA engine. Looked through the service book and looks like the DSG/S-tronic oil change hasn't been done nor has the cambelt. Just ticked over the 40k mile mark. Does anyone know the service intervals for the above please ? Cheers
  20. jetty

    Door actuator O/S rear part number

    The drivers side rear door is playing up again. Opens from the inside, but not the outside. Trying to find the correct part number but don't want to strip the door if possible! Some say part 8K0839015C will fit - others say it won't as the connector is different pre 2010 ? MOT is due shortly...