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  1. Tuttivini

    Coilovers, replace with new strut bearings or bearings+mounts?

    I'm planning on buying coilovers for my A3 E-Tron. To save some money, I'm going to install them myself. Before fitting, I want to place new (o.e.m.) upper strut bearings on them. I want to do this because reusing the old ones is extra change of creaking noises (had this before when I...
  2. Tuttivini

    Facelift Activate Google Earth view without Audi connect

    My Audi Connect account expired (facelift A3 E-Tron 07-2017) and actually don't need the functions it offered. Only think I 'miss' is the Google sattelite view in my virtual cockpit (only because it looks so nice. In terms of navigation details, the standard colored rendering is better). Would...
  3. Tuttivini

    Actuator fuel flap won't open A3 E-Tron, how to replace?

    The fuel door/flap of my A3 E-Tron often does not open anymore. I think it's a slightly more 'special' system than with other Audi's (am I correct?): The system is automatically vented when the tank valve is closed. This is to 'preserve' the fuel. Because there are people who always drive...
  4. Tuttivini

    Change FEC code to get infinite map updates

    Hi guys, My '5 free map updates' and 3 year Connect services expired (07-2017 A3 E-Tron). I have 2019/2020 maps installed and want 2021 map, but not absurd for the price the dealer asks for it. I read that if you change the correct FEC code to a different value you are letting the system think...
  5. Tuttivini

    Bilstein B14, progressive vs lineair?

    Finally I found the correct ordernumbers for Bilstein coilovers for my A3 E-Tron. Was difficult to find, because of the high axle loads and unclear and contradictory information on different sites (different info on German and United States Bilstein websites, etc.) Finally I found two correct...
  6. Tuttivini

    Coilovers for my A3 E-Tron: does a quattro set fit?

    Hi Guys, I have a facelift (2017) A3 E-Tron Sportback. Lowered it a couple of months ago with Eibach Pro springs. Liked the looks (because stock the E-Tron sits verrrrrrry high!), liked the behavior on flat roads, but didn't like the behavior on potholes/speedbumps/etc. The o.e.m. shocks...
  7. Tuttivini

    Chrome window trim retrofit?

    In 'contrast to most owners' I want to change my o.e.m. black window trim to chrome. I have a black E-Tron and I like the chrome look. I also want the 'roof bars', but I think this is difficult to retrofit... Is it possible to change the window trim to chrome trims? What's involved?
  8. Tuttivini

    Help me find a coilover kit for my E-Tron, axle loads question:

    Hi Guys, I have A 2017 facelift, Dutch A3 E-Tron (living in The Netherlands). The E-Tron stock ride height is awfully high (fender-to-ground height is around 69cm / 26.16 inch). I tried Eibach Pro springs. Looks were great (fender-to-ground-height 64cm/ 25.2 inch), but ride quality on...
  9. Tuttivini

    Looking for o.e.m. 19" wheels, what name/partnumber?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a set original 19" wheels for my facelift A3 E-Tron. I can't decide between these two models yet: 1) 2) Can you guys tell me what both wheels are 'called/official name' and partnumbers? And what about o.e.m. sizes? Are they all 235/35/19 8J ET49? Or differences...
  10. Tuttivini

    Clicking (creaking) sound after lowering with Eibach springs? Videoclip

    Guys, As mentioned in this topic ( I fitted some Eibach Pro springs on my FL A3 E-Tron. Happy with the looks and sportiness, but not with the 'clicking (or creaking?) sound' when steering (standing still or driving...
  11. Tuttivini

    Painted my wheel hubs/brakes and placed logos

    Today I painted the brake calipers (black), wheel hubs (silver) and placed very nice looking Audi logo's on the calipers on my A3 E-Tron (all heat resistant). Verrrrrrrrry happy with the result! I like the white Audi ring decals sóóó much. Look at the tiny ones on the back :haha: Next: Lowering...
  12. Tuttivini

    Who 'chiptuned' his A3 E-Tron

    Audi-sporters, I'm looking (in The Netherlands) for 'chiptuning' my facelift A3 E-Tron. Most tuners say the combined-power (petrol engine+electric engine) goes from 204hp tot 260~280hp and from 350Nm to 435~480Nm. :yahoo: Is see this at local experts like 'VAGTECHNIEK'...