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    Anyone got VAG-COM in NE/Durham/Sunderland area?

    I have just fitted my 19's to my Allroad and would like to shave an inch off my level 1 ride height...anyone fancy a few beer tokens in exchange for an hours play??? I'm in Chester le Street. Cheers.
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    I have an idea, anyone know whether I could make it work?

    I know of a Q7 multifunction/paddle shift steering wheel going reasonabley cheaply. I was wondering wht it would entail getting it to fit my Allroad and having the paddle shift working on my tiptronic gearbox. Does anyone know whether it can be done? Thanks in advance. :)
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    I just bought....

    I won a set of RS6 reps in 19" and painted black. Anyone on here? Cheers.
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    Just wondering......

    Anywhere on this site where I can find out what recalls for Allroads were put out by Audi? Cheers
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    Hi.....newbie questions for you all.....don't ya just love em?

    1stly.....wheel swaps. Has anyone done a wheel swap on their Allroad (similar age to mine, '03) and what width, offset and tyre sizes did you use? I dislike the standord 5 spokers and want something more aggressive. 2ndly......has anyone done the glow plugs on their 2.5TDi engine and did they...
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    Hi, how are you all?

    Just got a 2003 Allroad TDi, dark met Blue with black leather. 1st place to go when buying a new car is the associated Forum, so here I am :)