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  1. ron burgandy

    Wanted Chrome Edged window controls for Audi S3 8P

    Looking for chrome tipped window controls for a sportsback Audi S3 8P 2011 thanks
  2. ron burgandy

    For Sale Audi S3 2011 1 owner from new

    It’s time to sell my Audi S3 I’ve had from new registered jan 2011 dsg Brilliant red Mot till jan 2021 Service due in aug Brand new front disks and pads (Tarox disks) Full service history Brilliant red Alloys perfect with ps4,s with about 5000 miles on them Recently had it walnut blasted 63500...
  3. ron burgandy

    Test drove an Audi R8

    I test drove an Audi R8 today and there seems to be a whining coming from the engine probably the left hand side is this normal with these cars and if not what could it be? thanks
  4. ron burgandy

    S3 Injectors

    My 2010 is going in for it’s injectors to be replaced next week I’m gonna have the inlet valves walnut blasted at the same time. Not cheap but if it solves the problem then I’ll be quite happy. problems been it’s quite hesitant and juddery feels like your going over a cattle grid. Fault code...
  5. ron burgandy

    Slight fault with ecu

    having a problem with my Ecu on my 2011 S3. It keeps kicking the diagnostic tools out and won’t let the tools read what’s on there I think it might be having a adverse affect of the car and would like to try to sort it has anyone had this problem before and any ideas of how we can sort it ?
  6. ron burgandy

    S3 8P resale values

    what are people’s thoughts on S3 8P resale values. With reasonable mileage they seem to be holding their value quite we’ll and even noticed they’ve increased in value over the last 6 months. Will this continue and why are they holding their value so well.
  7. ron burgandy

    Ecu problem

    hi when placing diagnostics machines on my S3 they seem to have a problem connecting to it. The ecu kicks the diagnostic machines out and won’t let it read it. Tried with a few different machines anybody had the problem?
  8. ron burgandy

    S3 wheel Refurb

    hi I’m looking to get my 2010 S3 alloys refurbished Does anyone have any recommendations in the northwest area Thanks
  9. ron burgandy

    Q3 Under seat storage

    has anyone added under seat storage to their q3? I’m finding there’s very little storage in my q3
  10. ron burgandy

    Audi S3 centre air con control swop

    hi can I swop and audi q3 2018 air con console straight into an audi S3 2010 and Vica versa Thanks
  11. ron burgandy

    7 years and still going strong

    i bought my S3 new in jan 2010 and it’s done 52 000 and it that time the only thing that has gone wrong is the haldex pump needed replacing after 2 years (which was under warranty) I’ve probably cursed it now but what are other people’s experience s with the A3’s?
  12. ron burgandy

    Selling the S3

    how easy are the S3's to sell? What experiences have you had with selling these cars ? Do you get a lot of tyre kickers and time wasters and have you achieved the price you wanted?
  13. ron burgandy

    Power flex anti lift kit

    has anyone fitted these to their S3? And how do these compare to the white line kit?
  14. ron burgandy

    I love my S3

    i bought my 2010 S3 brand new from Audi, in brilliant red S tronic sport back. 46 000 and 6 1/2 years later I still love it to bits, I can go camping in it, I can get the dog in it commute to work it basically does everything. I can't see myself selling it ever. I might have rose tinited...
  15. ron burgandy

    Intermittent fault on S3

    hi I have a 2010 S3 remapped with a vwr racing air inflow. It's seems to have developed a fault, its only noticeable on the motorway when I reach around 70 mph it judders momentarily then picks back up again. Any ideas what the problem could be? Could it need a high pressure fuel pump? As it's...
  16. ron burgandy

    S3 suspension

    hi I've fitted H and R anti roll bars front and back and eibach front pro springs to my 2011 S3 sportsback, It does handle a lot better now Questions is I'm finding the suspension quite harsh, is there anything I can do next to make the ride more comfortable?
  17. ron burgandy

    Rs3 ignition coil pack on an S3

    my car is suffering from misfiring while driving, it drops power for a split second then picks up again and it also it hesitant when starting and you have to be really gentle with it to get a smooth start. I'm thinking the ignition coil pack is faulty, can I use rs3 ones as a replacement ? And...
  18. ron burgandy

    Part number please

    hi I need a part number I have a 2011 s3 s tronic sportsback my 2010 I need the tpms button which is part of three buttons to the left of the hazard warning light. Thank you
  19. ron burgandy

    Audi S3 tyre rotation

    ive had my new tyres on about 6 month and covered around 3000 miles, should I be rotating them? I'm thinking every 6 months/3000 would be good intervals to rotate. Should they go front to back or diagonal? Does anybody else do this and how often?
  20. ron burgandy

    Jerky starting off with my 2011 S3 s tronic

    i know this has been covered a few times but it's starting to annoy me now. It's always been like this but it's recently had its handed series and dsg service and seems to be worse, I've been trying to understand why it does it! There seems to be issue between releasing the foot brake and...