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  1. AndyB-S3


    Not been on the site for a while. But just recently swapped out my Samoa Orange Amplified Edition for a new Black Edition. Not been the best weather for more pics but will get some more done soon. Old v New New - Its pretty blue eh.. :)
  2. AndyB-S3

    Dim rear light help?

    Hi, Have you fixed the problem? My 2014 has the same but it is driver side. I took the light out, cleaned the connectors and closed the metal clips back together on the cable connector and plugged them back in and works fine. Not sure how long this will last though as it is as burnt as yours...
  3. AndyB-S3

    Audi Sound System - Centre Speaker Fault?

    Afternoon all, Not been here for a wee while hope you are all well!! Anyway I have 14 reg S3 and having a couple issues with the speakers. I have the *** and for a while I was getting a crackle from what seemed to be the rear of the car. When I went into the boot I could hear that it was...
  4. AndyB-S3

    MK2 TT - Bose speakers stopped working

    That is great, thanks so much for the reply!! I will try and take it off today and then sort out repair this week. Thanks again, Andy
  5. AndyB-S3

    MK2 TT - Bose speakers stopped working

    Hey all, just a quick one for those who may know. I have a TT MK2 with the upgraded Bose system etc. All of a sudden the speakers just stopped working, the head unit still works fine along with NAV and phone, but not a peep out the speakers. I have checked fuses and they seem ok, I swapped...
  6. AndyB-S3

    S3 (8v) To Scirocco R?

    As the title suggests, has anyone made the switch.? I am in a dilemma as to what car to get next, I really want an RS3 but for the limited mileage I do I can't justify spending the extra cash. Scirocco R is somewhat more affordable for a newer car, in relation to what RS I could get. And I have...
  7. AndyB-S3

    VW servicing in Dundee

    Maybe a little bit late but SVS on Brown Street in Dundee have good reviews. I am going to use them to service my S3 soon. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  8. AndyB-S3

    Facelift Best S3 Saloon Spec. Under £40k ?

    Cracking spec on your car Jassy. Interested to see how the voodoo will look...:)
  9. AndyB-S3

    Remap dilemma

    Glad I logged back in to the forum.. I am considering Stage 1 and some upgrades to my S3..either that or a new car but I can't justify it for driving 7 miles a day. ha.. I had my clutch replaced under warranty at approx 17k miles..I am still dubious if the new one will handle extra power. Any...
  10. AndyB-S3

    Gone over to the darkside

    Haha I've still got mine too.. However I am tempted to trade in.. RS5 or C63 next I think... [emoji848] Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  11. AndyB-S3

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    No unfortunately not. Just out of warranty in January. Thanks Larbel, will have a good look and see if it might be that.
  12. AndyB-S3

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    How is everyone? Not been on for a while but was back on looking for info on Brake Discs. Think mine are warped, getting a bit of a shudder when braking heavy ish. :( only done 24k miles too..
  13. AndyB-S3

    RS3 8V - Video reviews, clips and more

    Wow Colin that is incredible!!! Jeez what am I missing out on here..
  14. AndyB-S3

    Hopefully bought a new Rs3!

    Simply Stunning!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!
  15. AndyB-S3

    RS3 latest discounts

    Cool bud. Will maybe just give them a buzz tomorrow and see what they are saying... Couple months back i discounted buying one but for some strange reason i keep coming back. Lol.
  16. AndyB-S3

    RS3 latest discounts

    If there are quite a few RS3's kicking about getting soo much discount then why the heck are some still commanding a premium used??.. i have spied a lovely cornflower Blue one for £46.5k. Chances of getting this for a few k less then??.. [emoji38]
  17. AndyB-S3

    Show Us Your 'Flake Pop' Shots

    Some more panther pop.. [emoji38]
  18. AndyB-S3

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    Love this car from every angle.. [emoji7]
  19. AndyB-S3

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

  20. AndyB-S3

    Post Pics Of Your 8V RS3's In Here

    Stunning!!! Have you lowered it at all? Those alloys just finish it off nicely!! ;-)