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    FMIC questions...

    ..well s3mon's spare FMIC is now on my desk..and seeing as my S3 is going it's surplus to requirements. If anyone wants it, pm me. Cheers, Adam
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    Upgrading Turbocharger

    You have the patience of a saint Simon, I'd of been on the phone bollocking them daily for weeks mate .. hope it all comes good in the end! Adam
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    Upgrading Turbocharger

    [ QUOTE ] Any more news on this ATP GT28RS "bolt-on" kit? By bolt-on I assume it will use the existing manifold, or is that naive? :-) Cheers AL [/ QUOTE ] These? ...June in the US, so a while yet.for us. Is it turbo dynamics who...
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    [ QUOTE ] nitrous is good if used properly. Air fuel ratio is important and itshould be run on a progressive controller with decent spark plus (iridium only) and good leads. A friend of mine got a 13.3 quarter at santa pod in a vauxhall nova with nitrous and no other mods. (bar a 2 litre NA...
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    Upgrading Turbocharger

    [ QUOTE ] Simon your link comes up with a login page. [/ QUOTE ] Register then ..looking forward to seeing results from the Hybrid Simon. Cheers, Adam
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    Supersprint Race Exhaust System : take a look

    [ QUOTE ] for the downpipe i had found one solution -> the neuspeed but for the manifold i can't find one. Could you help me? [/ QUOTE ] ? ... not sure if there's a widely available LHD manifold for the S3 lump yet - and if there are then the flanges will be for...
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    Supersprint Race Exhaust System : take a look

    [ QUOTE ] why do you say "some gains" because after chip i am sure that will be more than "some" back presure due to increasted turbo presure. [/ QUOTE ] S3 has twin cats as standard (cats in parallel reduces back pressure) so replacing them wont give you huge gains as they were well designed...
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    Supersprint Race Exhaust System : take a look

    The Supersprint race system should see some gains .. no cats and minimal silencing - too loud for UK use sadly I have the street system and quality is very good indeed. A
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    Chip for A3 1.8T

    AMD, especially with their current deal.. I only went Revo because I have a warranty to preserve Cheers, Adam