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  1. Audia3vag

    Audi rotor arm alloys ?

    Hi everyone thinking about getting the rotor arm alloys in 19" genuine ones anyone fitted these ? Will they fit or would I need to do work for them to fit ? Any one got a set on there a3 stick a picture up cheers
  2. Audia3vag

    What mpg are you getting in your 2.0tdi a3?

    What mpg are getting in you 2.0tdi ? Round town and motorway ?
  3. Audia3vag

    Any ideas for my Audi a3 2.0 tdi

    Hi everyone new to the site seen some really nice cars on here fair play ! Had my a3 a couple of months now looking to change a few bits on her looking for a set of alloys really like the rotor arm one anyone got any for sale ? Any one got a pic of them on there a3 ? Well here she is anyway let...