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  1. gaz m

    Dilema,911 or tuned S3 anybody?

    I realy fancy a Porsche 911 but just dont know how it will stand against my Revo 2+ S3? I dont fancy shelling out my cash to be disapointed any body got any experiance with both? The 911 c4s is what I am looking at 3.6 or 3.8 engine so 996 or 997. Anybody? Gaz.
  2. gaz m

    Update! Forge Twin Take

    Hi Guys FR&R have informed me that the Twin take is now ready for shipping. Anybody from the original list and any new buyers that still want the intake could you please let me or FR&R know as soon as you can so they can organise delivery from Forge asap. Please check out the link in the...
  3. gaz m

    Keith Edwards Motors Ulverston

    Hi Guys I am new to posting on this site but I really would like to recomend this Garage to any body in cumbria or the North west. I recently had my S3 upgraded to Revo stage 2+ with full Millteck exhaust and fuel pump etc, Keiths guys were great and did an excelant job for a very good price...