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    Pot holes, wheels..

    Standard ones that come with the B8.5. 5 spoke and each spoke is split into 3 bits, if you know what I mean. Just finding it very very hard to believe I've duffed all 4 since March and hit the rears worse. Surely the fronts would be worse. I can only think the rears were don't years back and...
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    Pot holes, wheels..

    Worth mentioning that the run out is on the inside of the wheel, not the face. I can't see anything just by looking, no bends, dents or buckles, it's only when it's spinning that it's detectable and if you weren't looking at it you wouldn't notice ie wheel bearing checks for listening - if you...
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    Pot holes, wheels..

    Right, bit of advice if I can. I've had my S4 Avant in for a health check at a main dealer recently; took a few potholes over spring (water filled so didn't see them). Enough of a thud for me to check things out when in got home but no damage seen to tyres, wheel faces or suspension. Car drives...
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    What watch do you have?

    Montblanc Timewalker UTC, and a Longines Lungomare quartz for dossing about in.
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    Help Please B8.5 S4 - Lag/Delay After Downshift

    If it helps, I have the exact same thing on mine. S4, 2012 plate B8.5 s-tronic. Always done it, and I just assumed it was something to do with the pre-selection of gears in the box. Doesn't seem to be as noticeable in S mode as it's already in a lower gear and not at all with the paddles - but...
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    Facelift Jingling sound going over uneven roads / bumps

    I had the same issue on my S4, one of the anti-rattle springs on my brake calipers had broken - happens. Take a look at all 4 of your brakes and see if one them looks different, if one of the anti-rattle springs isn't tight then chances are it's that. Very annoying noise. It'll get replaced...
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    Considering an S4...

    S3 (8V) 4 door s-tronic: 0-60 mph 4.7 secs Torque 380 Nm, 280 ft-lb s4 (B9) 4 door auto: 0-60 mph 4.5 secs Torque 500 Nm, 369 ft-lb :whistle2:
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    Caught speeding 73mph in a 50

    saucer of milk at table 2 please. Considering how you've admitted you've got essentially 12 points on your licence (other than a technicality), most of which were for speeding, in 6 statement is more than valid. In fact, you're a danger to other road users and in my view should...
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    Caught speeding 73mph in a 50

    What a complete pair of muppets. Firsly, pedestrians have right of way, at no point should have they have to run back once they've started to make a crossing because some immature buffoon comes flying around a roundabout without due care and attention. You could kill someone. Secondly, whilst...
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    Buying s4 thoughts and advice needed please

    I'm running a B8.5 2012 plate S4 avant. As mentioned the only real issue with ensuring that the s-tronic oil was changed at 37/38k; previous issues with the s-tronic and the mechatronic unit have been on older B8's, but the gearbox is likely to be biggest expense if it goes wrong, so making sure...
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    Brake discs and pads.

    My dealer is at the other end of the country so it's not just that 1 dealer. In all fairness, they do a healthcheck and have a responsibility to highlight issues they find. 70% worn pads need to be reported to the customer because they could quite easily need replacing before the next service...
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    Brake discs and pads.

    watching this thread with interest. My S4 was in for it's service a few weeks back and I was advised that my front brakes were 70% worn. Checked the pads and there seems to be a reasonable amount left on them, but the disks are getting a bit past it. The audicam vid shows the tech saying...
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    RBS six nations

    They remembered that they're actually not very good at rugby and then played in true form. England then remembered they are actually very good at rugby and then played in true form. Natural order was returned to the game.
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    Buying Advice > B8 S4 > S tronic Service Query

    As it's not from an Audi garage, make sure the warranty explicitly covers the gearbox for failures - a lot of aftermarket warranties (even some of the one's given by main dealers) don't cover the gearbox issues.
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    Buying Advice > B8 S4 > S tronic Service Query

    Have you got the service receipts? 38k and 48k seem a little too co-incidental. Maybe it was done but they put a typo on the invoice. Check the date on the stronic service invoice at 48k and the date on the invoice prior to this (at the normal service) - are they the same or close together? If...
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    Buying Advice > B8 S4 > S tronic Service Query

    S-tronic oil change on my S4 was due at 38k but I had it does early at 36k as it was in with Audi for a service. Don't want to give them any excuse should I have issues in future. I doubt an extra 10k to the change would do any harm, but Audi do state then "no later than 38k is essential" and...
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    Windscreen wet on inside

    I know it's already been mentioned, but have you checked the foot wells for damp carpets? Lift the mats up and see how wet the carpet is. I had a Mondeo some years back and there are drain holes in the bottom of the door for rain water to escape, they can get blocked so water builds up inside...
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    Bad rattle from rear seats (?)

    I've got a B8.5 S4 Avant and I've had the rear seats up and down quite a bit for runs to the local tip recently. Those who don't have an Avant, basically the rear parcel shelf fully detaches as does the bar that runs across the back of the rear seats (that contains a sun visor). Now recently...
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    Time to look for a new job!! mega rant !!

    If the HQ is your permanent place of work then any travel to and from other sites should be done as part of your paid working day, not outside of it. If you start at 9 and work to 5 then you should expect to not leave in the van until 9am at the earliest and be back on site by 5pm. Anything...
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    Time to look for a new job!! mega rant !!

    Ah, dirty laundry in public. Previous employers (and prospective employers) love that sort of thing........