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  1. Richy_C

    S3 wheelspin

    No I've missed out when mates have gone en mass hut will be a good sighter, actually inhale next week off so will plan it better.
  2. Richy_C

    S3 wheelspin

    Actually enjoyed driving to and from work today. Evo triangle this weekend I think.
  3. Richy_C

    S3 wheelspin

    So got the car back, new haldex pump all installed and it feels like new again. Good service from Northampton Audi. Driving the TdI for a weekend really makes you appreciate the S3.
  4. Richy_C

    S3 wheelspin

    Just an update call from the dealer that they are sure it's the heldex pump, interestingly Audi do a kit now for the dealers to replace this. Kinda proves it's common. Oh well going to see how many miles I can put on the tdi over the weekend. ETA of my car looks like Tuesday.
  5. Richy_C

    S3 wheelspin

    So update on yesterday's fun. Called the dealership at 9am and as you'd expect they were booked up for the next couple of weeks so put me through to road side assist. They sent a guy over. 10am, guy arrived and firstly informed me that the S3 was prodomenently front wheel drive... yeah I know...
  6. Richy_C

    S3 wheelspin

    Glad I can rely on you guys. For a month now I've been getting some crazy front wheel traction loss and glad I'm not going mad, mine Is a 15 plate as well, will be calling Northampton Audi when it opens today to get her looked at.
  7. Richy_C

    8V S3 Tuning Thread

    I'm tempted to start getting a little more power out of my car now it's coming unto a year old, but no one seems to mention the Superchip route? Am I missing something here that it's pants? Seems cheaper so that's my assumption. Value your thoughts.
  8. Richy_C

    Windscreen crack -acoustic windscreen

    As per everyone else they will try and fit the cheapest screen, I've had this three times now and the bottom of the screen bends the road and they don't fit acoustic, always ends in me having them replace it and one one occasion I made them swap it 3 times until they caved an fit a genuine...
  9. Richy_C

    Rear ended :(

    Hey Marc don't worry that's similar to what happened to me, it will be as good as new soon.
  10. Richy_C

    Coilovers for the 8V

    ARGH!!!! no stock in UK or Germany anyway... would have to wait until October for the next run. offered a KW kit instead? anyone any opinions on this. need to look it up, should have done that first actually.
  11. Richy_C

    Coilovers for the 8V

    I'll say! Landed on the bump stops and started to rotate, until it bounced again and corrected. Got a quote from shark performance. B14 £1,186.80 inc vat and installed B16 £1,729.20 " " Unless anyone can convince me otherwise I'm getting the B14.
  12. Richy_C

    Coilovers for the 8V

    For the love of god I am looking at getting some of these now, felt like I hit a bouncy castle today and nearly went off the road, not even exaggerating! How much did you get charged to fit them? Seems DPM have the best price as always ;-)
  13. Richy_C

    Rear wiper removal and blanking.

    Looks clean, not my bag really but some people shave there eye brows off so guess it takes all sorts. Boring world if we were all the same. Good effort.
  14. Richy_C

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Yes that was mine for 3 weeks, if it wasn't so poverty specked I'd of had more fun but I was starting to like the colour, pops really well in the sun. So today I woke up feeling poorly and cannot do any work, oh maybe I'll go for a long drive shhhhhhhh!
  15. Richy_C

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Today I picked my car up after being repaired! Dropped the grey loaner off too. I missed it!!
  16. Richy_C

    Replacement tyres due!!

    Dunlop sport maxx are my choice, best wet rated, sound rated and last better than a conti as well.
  17. Richy_C

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Looked at some pictures of mine while I still wait for it to be repaired :blownose:
  18. Richy_C

    Roof rack

    Or borrowing one, someone must have one on here that's close. Share the love?
  19. Richy_C

    Parps and pops?

    Late to this convo but the loaner manual I have pops, not the parp from the auto it does the normal pop at high rev changes, it's not too loud in the car but it is outside. I did have a run on couple of pops to at one point while decelerating under load.
  20. Richy_C

    Basic sound system?

    Ok I need to correct myself! Been playing with the standard system and got it sounding pretty ok now, as bob says above if you bias to the rear one or two notches, put the base on +2 and mid range on 0 with about 3 gala it sounds good. I will say that's at around 2 thirds volume and goes a...