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    Driver Door Loom

    I had my door loom pack up a while back and got it all out for a repair I did the best I could and manage to move all the joins so they were not quite in the door shut but would like to be prepared if it happens again . Does anyone know the part code for the drivers door loom and are they...
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    The Blackvue DR550GW - Front & Rear Camera installs

    Im also interedted in this especially night or dark recordings (rear) as they dont have any night ir's
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    Ball Bearing in Cylinder!

    Not used a old school egr block with a ball bearing, would this somehow be able to make its way into the inlet
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    312 brakes not quite so easy upgrade!

    Im gutted just started this and got the drivers sided done only to find ive been sent two different ones ! I only checked the codes on the drivers side. Both should have been from a 2.5 I assumed the same car ! Anyone spot a carrier for a b6 a4 Passanger side for 312mm disc pm me !
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    312 brakes not quite so easy upgrade!

    Last question where your carrier bolts reused ? I take it the 2.5tdi carrier isn't thicker, as i see for some write ups on this Front caliper carrier bolts – 4x Audi Part No. N 908 768 02 (M14x1.5x38mm long) Assume thats what I already have ...
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    Boost Charge Pipe for a B6 Avant

    Led to believe the codes are 8E0 145 834 M or 8E0 145 834 P What is the right price, most have suggested £100+ from Audi As per post
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    Brake Discs Please

    I would like to know this too for a TDI About to do the 312mm carrier upgrade, Ive seen a A3 brake guide that says its the pads that are worth spending the money on and any 312mm disc is good enough unless you track day it a lot
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    B6 Avant Boost Charge Pipe

    I have oil running down the pipe on the left front, ive been advised its a common issue Has anyone replaced there's recently and use a ebay item Ie AUDI A4 B6 A6 C5 1.9TDI HOSE PIPE TURBO BOOST CHARGER AIR INTAKE RUBBER DUCT New | eBay As i've heard horrors on poor fitting pipes or seals...
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    312 brakes not quite so easy upgrade!

    Looks like my 2.5tdi carriers are the right ones but euro car parts has two thickness of 312mm disc !? And then pads needs to match And will the bolts holding my 288mm carriers be ok to use again or is the 312mm carrier thicker too
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    312 brakes not quite so easy upgrade!

    Anyone know the part code of a b6 2.5 tdi 312mm carrier ive got some to clean up but would be handy to know if there the same as my b6 1.9 tdi non q before I take it all apart
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    Fitting larger 312mm brakes

    I hope to have some b6 ( 2003 ) calipers and carriers coming soon that should be 312mm, is there a way of telling if i need the 25mm disc / or 28mm disc and same with pads as euro car parts lists different widths for them
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    Alive and VDubbin 7th- 9th June Jimmys Farm Ipswich IP9 2AR

    Its a really good day and as i said above if you got young kids any days a good day there's loads to do Sunday the show and shine is on and we get a great set of cars come if you like viewer & taking pictures Live music and good food across the whole weekend + if you've never been to Jimmy's...
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    Alive and VDubbin 7th- 9th June Jimmys Farm Ipswich IP9 2AR

    Thanks for posting this, im on the committee that help put this on :-) This is our 5 show Its a great weekend with live music and food from friday and loads of free stuff for the kids And a great turn out of cars 4 the show and shine Plus we do our best not to let the weather stop us and kept...
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    My A4 Avant B6

    Picked this up the same day ( or that night ) my daughter was born - 5 months later I have got a chance to give it a good clean Used ( may have to give me a chance here I've been out of the cleaning game for a bit so not sure what ratings megs stuff gets now :-S) Meg NTX shampoo ? Full...
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    Safely test for slipping clutch

    No only just got the car so have 3 months cover and they'e confirmed it would be paid for including replacing the dmf. I'll drive steady for now and leave it for them Hopefully its a clear clutch change and not a seal leaking
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    Safely test for slipping clutch

    Hi Had my 04 A4 Avant tdi sport for around a week, now getting use to it On saturday when it was fairly hot day i joined the motorway and put my foot down and changed up to third and the rev's rose and fell and the car jumped, at first i though i was riding the clutch I could repeat this in...
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    RNS-e question

    interesting i see the tmc icon with a line though it, assumed it was an ariel or module i didnt have will keep a look out for a newer map dvd cheers
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    RNS-e question

    solved, the disc was in there Pressing eject the disc was catching on the surround and i didnt see it Glad i did that first , was going to try putting another disc in there ! :S Its a 2004 disc so must be the original which came with the car
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    RNS-e question

    Very new to this, i have searched but couldnt find an answer The RNS-e came with the car and I can press nav and see a map, I havent tried doing any directions yet but think it will work I check the CD's in the glovebox but there not map cds, there are no cds/DVD in the unit or changer but...
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    Cup holders in rear armrest. Gonna make my own..

    I have got a twin cup unit from a mk4 golf that would probbly be modified to fit What I notice from the very top pic is my rear armrest is looks thicker maybe to cope with holder