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    Alloy repair west yorkshire

    Any recommendations please in leeds/wakey area?
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    My Phantom Black S3 with some goodies...

    Nice, 19's make all the difference!
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    GAP Insurance

    I use, 90 odd quid for less than a year.
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    Who are you insured with?

    HSBC just quoted me over £5k for the RS4 :)
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    My smashed Sportback

    I hope it's a write off for your sake. The damage looks quite severe and you would assume the chassis has taken quite a hit and the damage may well be throughout the length of the car. btw, what about the guy who hit it? is he insured? has he admitted fault? etc..
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    Fitting instructions for official Audi iPod adaptor

    iPod adaption is total utter *****! I have it in my RS4 and it's so bad it's almost funny.
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    Police on Car Wars use an A3!

    At the end of every episode of Car Wars, when they tell you what happened to the scum bags in the prog, every single time it's: 'The guy who stole and crashed the honda, got fined £40' 'The guy who got caught driving without insurance and a license got fined £40 and was banned from driving for...
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    Whos a3 is this?

    That is horrible.
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    Buying New - any advice please

    If you want to save some money don't part ex your car. Sell it on pistonheads. I did just that with me and sold within a day. £1500 quid more than the dealer offered.
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    New car to replace my A3 arrived...

    It's got some welly.... Only driven about 50 miles but some initital observations in regards the A3. - The cabin feels a lot smaller than the A3 - The rear legroom is possibly worse than the A3 - The boot is HUUUUGE - The steering is so direct, heavier than the A3 as well...
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    Test Drove A New TT

    I haven't seen many new TTs and all the ones I have seen have had ****** 17 inch wheels. I hope the TT loses its image of being a style over substance car because by all accounts the new one has style and substance.
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    Quality of Copy RS4 Alloys (New Style)

    I think it's more to do with the size rather than them choosing to have deeper dishing. The A6 Le Mans had 19" RS4s and they look the same as the ones on the RS4, as do the ones on the new TT.
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    Quality of Copy RS4 Alloys (New Style)

    I've seen a few A3's in Audi dealers with 18" RS4's on. How come you can get them on A3's but not on the S3?
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    Speed camera detectors

    Any of you guys recommend one of these? Road Angel, snooper etc? which is the best?
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    S3 2007 on 19" new RS4's

    The first pic looks nice but I just don't get this black/graphite wheel craze at all.
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    My Silver S3 With Spacer Pics

    That looks great!! Really needs those spacers I reckon and silver looks good.
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    Delayed orders?

    Any of you guys had your delivery date put back due to Audi UK having a backlog of cars that need to be shipped over?
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    Yellow 8P S3

    I don't get this black wheel craze at all. Always looks to me like someone has knicked the wheels.
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    Yellow 8P S3

    Light colors work best with the S3 IMO because they show off the lines and the front air intakes really well. Yellow S3 looks fantastic. I saw a yellow Sportback S-Line and it really caught my attention
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    Yes. Yes. Yes. Effin Marvelous!

    Seems a long time for the dealer to have the car until you pickup?